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WWE Raw Preview – August 5th, 2013

WWE.com relesed it’s “Raw Five-Point Preview” earlier today, with five potential highlights of tonight’s Monday Night Raw. Let’s take a closer look at each preview point:

daniel bryan 2Corporate Culture Shock – Tonight, Daniel Bryan is set to undergo a “corporate makeover,” and WWE.com is hinting that a beard trim might be part of the act. That’s probably doubtful. I do, however, think this is Stephanie’s chance to come out and attempt to take the reigns. And while the segment will probably be played for laughs, expect the divide between Bryan and Vince to deepen as a result of whatever happens here. Don’t expect too much on the Cena-Bryan front. With two weeks still until SummerSlam, creative is probably saving the best for next week.

Devious Divas – In case you missed it, Layla “betratyed” Kaitlyn this past Friday Night on Smackdown. I use the term “betrayed” loosely because, let’s be honest, Kaitlyn goes through friends about as fast as I go through a bag of Dortios. I’m not buying an AJ-Layla team for very long. In fact, I’m not really buying anything Layla has been doing recently. Kaitlyn might get her chance for revenge tonight… I’m just hoping this “b-story” doesn’t overshadow the great things Kaitlyn and AJ have done with the Divas Title in recent months.

One. More. Match. – Christian just stamped his ticket to SummerSlam as a challenger to Alberto Del Rio’s World Heavyweight Championship. It looks like WWE only has about two weeks to really build-up this championship match. On the other hand, Christian has been booked on a win-streak as of late, and the announce team has done a great job of keeping this fresh in the minds of viewers. I’m not convinced that Christian is going to win at SummerSlam. I’m not even convinced the winner is actually going to leave with the belt. But I’m excited to see Christian back in the title picture, and think these two should have a fun feud.

Hell Hath No Fury – WWE.com is teasing a potential Kane/Bray Wyatt faceoff tonight. I’m just expecting another sneak attack. WWE is obviously saving these men for a match at SummerSlam, and the company would be foolish to give away what the fans want to see (that is, Kane getting his revenge) on “free” tv. I think Kane sends out the official challenge tonight. We should also start getting an idea of whether this will be a strictly one-on-one match, or if Kane’s planning on bringing backup.

Don’t Be a Bully… – Direct quote from WWE.com: “Now he’s bullying anyone and everyone he can get his hands on…to some poor stagehand who got an earful of potato salad just for breathing the same air as the “Human Wrecking Ball.” Nothing I write can top that. Also, I’m too bored of Ryback to care.

Not advertised on WWE.com is the next chapter of “The Best” vs. “The Beast.” Brock Lesnar has been rumored for tonight’s RAW, and WWE needs him to make an appearance so viewers will care about the feud again. The Punk-Heyman stuff has been great, but they’re not the ones scheduled for a match in two weeks.

If you want more RAW preview coverage, be sure to check out today’s earlier Between the Ropes podcast. And, make sure to visit the site tonight immediately following the show for the complete RAW Rundown.

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