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WWE Raw Rating in, WWE Scores With Top Program

Daniel Bryan Yes ChantWell, Triple H’s bragging segment from last night’s WWE Raw paid off.  Last night’s show scored as the top rated program of the night.

While the overall rating was down from last week, the show still broke 4 million viewers for each hour.  The breakdown is as follows: 8pm showed 4.129 million viewers, 9pm showed 4.291 million viewers, and 10pm came back down to 4.151 million viewers.  The show’s overall average of 4.19 million viewers falls short of last week’s 4.3 million average, but the drop isn’t too significant.

WWE should consider this a victory.  The company’s flagship program has shown growth over the past two weeks (a trend that has carried over to Friday Night Smackdown), and last Monday’s show was aided by SummerSlam the night before.  On the other hand, competition is about to get pretty serious, with Monday Night Football returning, and the Fall prime-time schedule less than a month away.

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