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WWE RAW Preview – September 2nd, 2013

WWE.com updated earlier with a full “Five-Point Preview” of tonight’s RAW. Let’s take a closer look at each talking point.

Triple H and Randy Orton gloatCorporate Scapegoat – Daniel Bryan versus Triple H’s new “corporation” continues to be the biggest story in professional wrestling. WWE.com has labeled The Shield a goon-squad. While the endgame is Daniel Bryan versus Randy Orton, and eventually Bryan versus Triple H, expect him to exact some revenge on The Shield in coming weeks.

Justice League – This is all about Big Show and Mark Henry, and their quest to become WWE Tag Team Champions. I’m really digging the duo as a foil against The Shield. I think Big Show is one of the more interesting elements of this “corporate takeover” storyline, and the good work he did on Friday Night Smackdown really solidified his position as a babyface. I’m even excited about the potential Big Show, Mark Heny, and Daniel Bryan match up against The Shield.

Pipe Bomb(shell) Fallout – AJ Lee did fantastic work last week when she called out the Divas. I think WWE was smart to bring her into this ‘Total Divas’ storyline by making it more about the championship and less about the show. ‘Total Divas’ fans probably don’t care if AJ is on the show or not. But, Monday Night Raw fans love the idea that AJ values her championship over E! television, and that the Total Divas gals might contribute to the division in a meaningful way. This is how cross-promotion should be handled.

Where’s Bray? – WWE.com claims it has “been some time since the WWE Universe witnessed Bray Wyatt in action.” Um, I’m pretty sure he was just on this past Friday Night’s Smackdown. Either way, I hope the company gives him a storyline – otherwise, his epic Summer debut might all have been for naught.

Sins of the father figure – While Triple H’s ego trip continues to headline every WWE show, CM Punk and Paul Heyman (and, heck, even Curtis Axel) continue to make their rivalry the most personal thing on WWE television in years. Heyman gave me goosebumps last week. CM Punk sold his beatdown like a champ. With Night of Champions still two weeks away, I’m guessing there won’t be any major developments tonight. Then again, an off-night for Heyman/Punk is better than an on-night for most of the roster.

Be sure to check back later tonight as we cover WWE Monday Night Raw LIVE! Also, let us know if you plan on watching the show, or what you think about the current direction of the product, in the comments below.

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