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WWE RAW Reaction and Review – September 2nd, 2013

Make sure to check out the WWE Raw Rundown for everything that happened on last night’s show. Also, listen to Brian and Steve discuss their opinions on the latest Between the Ropes podcast!

daniel bryan yesRaw opened solid again last night. The deeper Triple H digs into his villainous power-trip authority figure, the better he gets. We can complain about egos and self-promotion all we want, but who else in the company could play this role to such perfection? Fans absolutely hate him, and not just because they’re supposed to. They hate him for being so misguided. They hate him because he’s believable.

Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan repeated their performances from previous weeks of Raw/Smackdown. While I’m a little tired of simply seeing Orton dominate Bryan on a weekly basis at the hands of The Shield, I’m willing to give it a pass. Why? Because these men are completely engaging. Bryan and Orton are selling this angle with incredible promos right now, and the fans can’t get enough.

Speaking of angles, Cody Rhodes just got a lot more interesting. He delivered a fantastic match with Randy Orton. Then, he became victim to Triple H in a “You’re Fired!” storyline. Wherever this goes, expect Rhodes to become a much bigger star as a result.

Big Show also turned another corner. By standing with the McMahon family at the end of the night, the implication is that he’s been reluctantly recruited. Good storytelling here. I think Big Show plays sympathy a lot better than the monster heel, it’s just hard to make a 500 pound giant sympathetic. I like where this is heading.

Unfortunately, auto-pilot set in for a few other storylines. CM Punk delivered another great promo on Paul Heyman, and basically told fans to buy the Pay-Per-View just to see his guaranteed revenge. Still, this segment was far from being “must see tv.” And Rob Van Dam vs. Alberto Del Rio is just finding any excuse it can to do absolutely nothing. I’m more convinced than ever before that Ricardo Rodriguez is going to turn on RVD at Night of Champions.

Edge is returning to Raw next week!!!!!!!!!!

Overall Show was really solid. That being said, I woke up this morning and couldn’t necessarily remember what specifically happened, or why it mattered. Nothing stood out. And while the new stuff was good, and the matches were entertaining, I think the show had too many recap videos. They killed the momentum throughout the night. Listen, WWE producers – I actually watch your shows on a weekly basis. Treat me with some dignity here.

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