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Breaking News: Jim Ross Retires From WWE

jrWWE.com is reporting that Jim Ross has announced his retirement.  After a 20 year career with the WWE, he has decided to focus more on his “personal business endeavors.”

‘Good Ol JR’ got his start in the business as a referee, working for NWA.  From there, he became a play-by-play announcer for Mid-South territory, rejoined with NWA in the same role, and stayed in the company until it became WCW.  His tenure with WCW, and thus Eric Bischoff, was tumultuous to say the least. Ross demanded his release in 1993.

This led to the greatest chapter of his career.  Jim Ross signed with WWF in 1993, and made his on-screen debut at Wrestlemania IX.  Vince McMahon fired Ross in 1994; however, with McMahon in legal trouble at the time and unable to commentate, he was forced to re-hire Ross later that same year.

His career hit many great heights.  Jim Ross shared a personal friendship with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin behind-the-scenes, and is known as the voice of the popular “Attitude Era.”  He also worked his way up to become head of talent relations, a role which saw him hand-pick stars like Jack Swagger and John Cena.  After the brand split, Ross spent time on Smackdown, Raw, and recently on NXT.  He also covered for Jerry Lawler after Lawler suffered a heart attack live on-air.

Jim Ross has a business outside the squared-circle, a line-up of BBQ sauces and other condiments. He’s also a noted Oklahoma Sooners fan.

WWE thanked Jim Ross for his “many years of service,” and wished him well.

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