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WWE Smackdown Reaction and Review – September 13th, 2013

Daniel Bryan Randy Orton No LockOpening segment featuring Big Show, Triple H, and The Shield was excellent. Big Show’s fake apology letter cracked me up, and Triple H coming out to confront show about his actions made sense. But I was afraid that was going to be all there was to it. Fortunately, The Shield came out to liven things up, and Big Show entered an entertaining, hardcore, five-minute brawl with the trio. The fans in attendance were digging it, I was digging it, and it kicked things off in a hot way.

Vickie Guerrero announced a dancing competition, and Vince Mcmahon Sr. rolled over in his grave. Adding insult to injury, Great Khali was added to the lineup. Everything about this segment made me want to punch myself in the face. Worst of all? Michael Cole and JBL put it over like it was the greatest thing since Kurt Angle’s milk truck.

Ryback was surprisingly entertaining in his “new backst,age commentator for Smackdown” role. It was the best he’s EVER sounded on the mic. And while the bullying schtick is overplayed, I couldn’t help but laugh at the way Ryback delivered his lines. This was the most entertaining he’s been in months.

Paul Heyman looked rough. His bloodshot eyes and scrappy beard did as much to sell this segment, and the match on Sunday, as anything he said on the mic. Details like this are why Paul Heyman is so revered by wrestling fans. His understanding of the business is scary deep.

The Cutting Edge, with Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan, was a decent final sell for Night of Champions. Neither one of these guys really said anything new, or profound, and Edge was just another empty prop in the ring (although I absolutely loved his shirt). But, just seeing Bryan get his hands on Orton was enough to get me excited for Sunday. These two should tell one heck of an in-ring story, and I’m looking forward to whatever new developments we get moving forward.

Wrestling was pretty much non-existent for the first hour of the show. There was a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it Divas match that ended in disqualification, and Santino Marella beat Damien Sandow in a fun, but ultimately meaningless, segment.

Hour two of Smackdown fared a little bit better, with Dolph Ziggler taking on Ambrose, a match that turned into a pretty solid 3 on 3, Shield vs. Usos & Ziggler match. There was also Ricardo Rodriguez in a losing effort against Alberto Del Rio. But, uh, yeah, wrestling fans look elsewhere. Does every show have to be wrestling-heavy? No. But should fans at least get their money’s worth? Yes. Sorry, Ottowa.

Overall Show was pretty weak. The two decent segments, and one solid match, just couldn’t sustain two-hours of programing. It served as a decent final-sell for Sunday. On the other hand, you could just watch the match previews on Youtube, and those 15 minutes would be time much better spent.

What did you think of last night’s WWE Smackdown?  Did it deliver, or was it just a giant bowl of nothin’?  Let me know in the comment section below!  Also, be sure to follow Between the Ropes on Twitter and Facebook!

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