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WWE News: Raw Rating Up After Night of Champions

WWE Raw always does better the night after Pay-Per-Views, and this year’s Night of Champions was no exception.

Against Week 2 of NFL Monday Night Football, WWE’s flagship show saw a slight gain over last week.  It averaged 4.103 million viewers for the night.  This is up from last week’s 3.885 million viewers, and also higher than the 3.94 million from two weeks ago.

Hour-by-hour, the show opened with 3.865 million viewers, rose to 4.162 million viewers during the second hour, before settling back down to 4.012 million viewers after 10 p.m.  It’s little surprise the show peaked during its second hour, with both Randy Orton in action, and Dusty Rhodes making his much-hyped return to Monday Night Raw.  Also, the show often peaks during its second hour.

WWE executives have to be happy with those numbers.  In its second week against regular-season NFL action, the show more than held its own.  While the ratings weren’t astronomical, any increase is noteworthy.  Furthermore, the show did better than last year’s post-Night of Champions Raw.  And while the Bengals are never a huge rating draw, their close game against the Steelers gave viewers little incentive to tune away.

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