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WWE Smackdown Reaction and Review – September 27th, 2013

Randy Orton Smackdown

Smackdown opened with Triple H again defending his recent actions to the fans, but took a curve when The Miz came and confronted him. I liked it. I thought Miz made the segment more interesting, and he held his own on the mic against Triple H. It also served as great storyline continuity from show-to-show. Give The Miz more stuff like this, and less MizTV time, and he’ll probably start to shine a little more.

Alberto Del Rio against R Truth was completely irrelevant. At least Del Rio’s match against RVD at Battleground has an added hardcore stipulation?

Tag-team matches seem to be the bread and butter of WWE’s weekly television anymore. The Real Americans and Prime Time Players put together a fun, fast-paced brawl. Likewise, the six-man tag between The Sheild and RVD, Ziggler, and Kofi Kingston proved exciting as well. The thing I don’t like about these matches is that they almost always break down into some kind of free-for-all at one point, but on the other hand, the crowd loves it. Who am I to argue with the crowd?

I normally hate ‘WWE Comedy’ segments, but that backstage clip with Prime Time Players and Jabroni 1/Jaborni 2 made me laugh a little. Yeah, the “white guy can’t dance” schtick was slightly racist… but I’ll give it a pass… this time….

On the other hand, whatever was happening during Santio Marella’s match against Heath Slater was completely absurd. The two dudes with darker skin, one who wears a turban, acting like snake charmers? I could complain about WWE expecting me to suspend belief, and buy into this idea that Santino’s “cobra” was being transfixed by the corny music coming from those cheap pre-K recorders. Instead, I’m going to point the finger at the WWE creative team for doing NOTHING with its minority wrestlers here, other than serving them on a plate of racial stereotypes (again) for the sake of a cheap laugh. Get this crap off my television. JBL can promote WWE as a NYSE company all he wants, but until somebody in Stamford learns where to draw the line, professional wrestling will still be seen as a farce by the greater pop-culture community. And deservedly so, too.

Glad to see Bray Wyatt pick up an easy victory. I’m just sorry Zack Ryder is now more irrelevant than my personal Twitter account.

Paul Heyman cut a promo about his scooter scheme from Monday Night Raw, but I thought it was lacking… something. Maybe it was just too long. Or maybe I’m just ready to see Punk and Ryback lock horns, and I’m tiring a little of Heyman being the focus of EVERY segment involving this storyline. But it was fine filler.

The Miz facing Randy Orton in the main-event was a perfect capstone to this show. These two didn’t need to actually fight – letting Miz win by DQ, but having Triple H restart the match, was another perfect “I’m not really a bad guy” moment. Fans have a reason to sympathize with The MIz now. Plus, he’s earned back some of his credibility.

Overall show was entertaining. If you missed it, you didn’t miss anything noteworthy. On the other hand, if you watch RAW/Main Event/Smackdown every week, it’s nice to see that WWE is at least trying to make each show feel relevant. The “blue brand” might always be second-in-command, but at least the creative team is showing it a little love these days.

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