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WWE RAW Reaction and Review – November 4th, 2013

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Raw opened with, surprisingly enough, an actual wrestling match – CM Punk defeated Luke Harper in a good enough segment. I’m still not sold on Luke Harper as a future singles star (size doesn’t necessarily equal success), but I think he stepped up his game quite a bit here. Then again, CM Punk can make pretty much anybody look like a star… that is, anybody except for Ryback. It’s nice to see The Wyatt Family matter again. It’s also nice to see WWE mix in some lower-to-mid card talent with the main event boys.

Speaking of Ryback, we had the luxury of seeing him face Great Khali last night. Question: if a Ryback wrestles, and only Hornswaggle and Santino Marella are around to hear it, does it make a sound?

A lot of guys got the rub last night. Big E Langston (do you think WWE actually expected him to win the fan vote?) looked like a superstar against Randy Orton, even though he lost. Further proof that booking is everything. Dolph Ziggler got the rub against Curtis Axel. And Kofi Kingston showed that he’s still a lot of fun when he has the right opponent, like Alberto Del Rio. The mid-card made a resurgence on Raw, and the three hour show (and my sanity) was better for it.

Damien Sandow is also getting a rather sizeable push. Sure, he lost his Money in the Bank contract last week, which seemed like a giant disappointment at the time, but now he’s being featured against the biggest star in WWE. Which is better: holding an empty championship, or losing matches while being featured in the main event? Sandow hasn’t ever been as over as he is right now.

Tyson Kidd came back last night, in what I’m sure was a Total Divas promotional vehicle. My condolences to the career of Fandango…

Also, 3MB made the show again? How?

The main event angle featured The Authority rehiring Big Show, and granting him a title shot against Randy Orton at Survivor Series… because, yeah, pro wrestling fans are jonesing for a Big Show title run in 2013. Nothing against Show but he just isn’t a draw right now. Actually, scratch that – I might be interested in seeing him square off with Triple H, just for the sake of a little Attitude Era throwback. As far as Orton vs. Show goes, though? Count me out. Plus, these guys just feuded about 6 months ago. Welcome to the TNA booking cycle!

Overall show was entertaining, but the storylines left a little bit to be desired. I’m happy to see younger talent being highlighted more. However, The Authority needs somebody like Daniel Bryan to fight them, somebody the fans can really get behind, not Big Show. RAW gave us a more wrestling; unfortunately, it also gave us more reasons to questions the direction of the product.

The WWE RAW Reaction and Review is BACK after a short hiatus. So what did you think about last night’s show? Was the wrestling enough? Are you digging the main event storyline? Sound off in the comments below! Also, be sure to follow Between the Ropes of Facebook and Twitter.

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