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Rey Mysterio Return Delayed, May Not Be Back Until 2014

Someone quietly and without much fanfare, Rey Mysterio made his return to the ring a few weeks back, teaming with Sin Cara in beating Alberto Del Rio and Wade Barrett in Guadalajara on October 17.

The last time Mysterio had been in the ring was in March and he has been sidelined since then battling his latest knee injury.  In an interview with The Miami Herald, Mysterio himself asked to be in the match.

“It was more of a let’s see how my body reacts and my knee reacts to being back in the ring,” Mysterio said. “Overall I felt good but still feel I need a bit more therapy, just from the damage I’ve done through the years to my knee. We are back to therapy and strengthening up that quad and hamstring, just making sure there are no mistakes this next time.”

For years now, Mysterio has dealt with serious injuries to both of his knees that have kept him out of the ring for extended periods of time.  It’s actually quite amazing that he can wrestle much less walk with all of the damage he has taken and number of major surgeries he has undergone on each knee.

With Mysterio being such a big star, it was quite the surprise that he was back in the ring with such little fanfare.  As for when he will make a regular return, that may not happen until 2014.

“I think if I don’t do it by the end of the year, then next year,” Mysterio told The Miami Herald. “I would hate to push myself instead of taking my time. I want to make a good return, and not being absent shortly after my return. It’s something I’m still debating. I’m going to listen to my body.”

Mysterio did join the Spanish announce team during the recent Hell in a Cell pay-per-view last month in Miami and admitted that he enjoyed in.  That may be the next chapter in his career.

For now, he wants to return to the ring.  It sounds like after so many injuries and ongoing issues, he is playing it as safe as possible with his return rather than rushing back into the ring.

But any time for the Mexican superstar in the squared circle may be borrowed time at this point with him ravaged by two bad knees from putting on amazing matches over the years in his tiny body, overcoming the odds to become of wrestling’s biggest superstars.

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