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Hunger Games is Cool, So Are the Muppets and The Governor is Back

walking-dead-live-baitCheap Pops! is back as Brian and Michael talk about the new Hunger Games movie which comes out this weekend and whether or not that series is cool for men, the next Muppets movie which is out next spring, Ender’s Game which Michael finally saw, Dallas Buyers Club and the resurgence in Matthew McConaughey’s career, the cool, interactive Bob Dylan music video on the Internet, the latest episode of The Walking Dead based on what the Governor has been up to, spinoffs, dine-in theaters, sneaking food into the movies, a new TV spinoff and more.

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Brian Fritz
Brian is the owner and editor-in-chief of Between The Ropes. He has also covered wrestling and MMA for The Orlando Sentinel and AOL Fanhouse and currently is a contributor for Sporting News. You can email Brian at btrfritz@gmail.com.

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