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2013 Legend Comeback of the Year

goldustdepressedLegends return to the ring every year, and sometimes make a bigger impact than others.  This year was filled with high-profile returns, such as The Rock, Chris Jericho, Goldust, and even (the unexpected) Rob-Van-Dam.  Which one meant the most?



2013 Legend Comeback of the Year

Brian Fritz: Goldust

While it’s always a big deal with The Rock makes his return, he returned to the ring the previous year. Sure, Goldust had been around not too long ago but his return and teaming with his brother Cody has helped re-energize the tag-team division and help make it important again. Rob Van Dam got a huge reaction upon his return but he was only back in WWE for a few months and didn’t really do much during that run. The same goes for Chris Jericho. The Rock was a welcome return but it just didn’t feel as big of a deal for what we’ve come to expect from The Great One


Michael A. Wiseman:  Goldust

Any time a superstar returns after a multi-year hiatus and reclaims the most prized possession in all of ‘sports entertainment,’ it’s a pretty big deal.  Unfortunately for The Rock, his comeback didn’t have the same emotional presence or longetivity as Goldust’s.  At 44 years old, Goldust continues to impress with his skill set, his stamina, and his in-ring presence.  Is he future WWE World Heavyweight Championship material?  Unfortunately not.  But, seeing him claim the tag-team crown with his younger brother Cody had to be one of the greatest moments of 2013. Together, Goldust and Cody Rhodes have re-established the WWE Tag-Team Division, and I couldn’t be happier.


Steven Muehlhausen: Goldust

When you think wrestling comebacks and them being successful, this one wouldn’t have crossed my mind. Stars like The Rock, Chris Jericho and Rob Van Dam returned this year. While successful, they all didn’t make the punch that Goldust did.

Goldust returned in early September and had a great match with WWE champion Randy Orton on an edition of Raw. After that Goldust was paired with his brother, Cody Rhodes. The duo had a match of the year candidate against Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins at Battleground. They won the tag team titles from Reigns and Rollins on the October 14 Raw and still currently hold the titles. Night after night Goldust has been one of the best performers on the every show. To get that from a man in his 40’s is absolutely and a testament to how much he cares about his craft.


Who was your pick for “2013 Legend Comeback of the Year”?  Let us know in the comments below.  And be sure to check out our full list of picks from now through January 1st with our full Best of 2013: Professional Wrestling.

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    Steven of Jacksonville, Florida

    We know only decades ago a man wrestling on top of cards in his late 30’s & 40’s was actually common. The WWE though is constantly pushing for younger and younger talent to fill their tv time and with all that said, Goldust proved this year that age does not have to be a negative.

    – Steven of Jacksonville, Florida

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