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WWE Network Officially Announced

WWE Network Blue

It’s official!  The WWE Network is “everywhere on any device.”  According to WWE, it’s “the first streaming network with live 24/7 content.”

It’s going to include:

  • All 12 Live Pay-Per-View-Events (yes, even Wrestlemania)
  • Live Raw & Smackdown Pre/Post-Shows
  • Live Daily Studio Show (soon to come)
  • HUGE Streaming Library, including EVERY WWE/WCW/ECW Pay-Per-View
  • Hours of Legacy content (with more being added constantly)
  • New Exclusive Original Shows

According to ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin and the boomy announcer guy, it’s going to be “unedited, uncensored, uncut.”  Best of all?  It’s only $9.99 a month.  Thats a savings of like, a bazillion dollars compared to buying normal monthly PPVs.

The WWE Network will launch Monday, February 24th – the night after Elimination Chamber – immediately following RAW at 11:05ET.

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Michael A. Wiseman
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  1. Avatar

    This really good news for me personally. I’m not the biggest fan of the current product, there is nothing that’s really exciting me. The only way i keep up to date with wwe is though you guys. You say that it is everywhere! do mean world wide or just within the US?

    • Michael A. Wiseman
      Michael A. Wiseman

      According to the FAQ, it’s United States only for the time being, but it should be available internationally (they mention specifically UK, Canada, Singapore, etc.) by late 2014 or early 2015. Sucks, but at least you get to hang out with us a little while longer.

      • Avatar

        Yeah, That sucks for now. It will still be good when it finally comes here to the UK. Very true Michael i will. I’ve been listening to you guys for a long time. I’ve been listening to fritz’s since 2003 ( I know sad right ) You will always have me as a fan of the show, love the insite you guys have. It’s always good to hear a good opinion on wrestling, plus you have to keep your beer can vote up, that is classic.
        I’ve also herd there’s going to be alot more original programing on the network. Now i know there having some legends show, but my question is will they move over things like total diva’s? or will they have more recap shows? aka old WWE, WCW, ECW shows.

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