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Potential Spoiler for Chris Jericho Return

jerichoWith WrestleMania season approaching, there has plenty of speculation whether or not Chris Jericho will be making his way back to the WWE soon.

Add more to the fuel now The Winnipeg Sun advertising his return to a WWE event Jericho’s hometown in March.

Chris Jericho is bringing the WWE to Winnipeg.

The World Tour is coming to MTS Centre March 7.

Other stars coming to Winnipeg include CM Punk, Big Show, R-Truth, The Miz and Daniel Bryan.

Tickets will be available on wwe.com and Ticketmaster, but are not yet for sale.

Jericho has been pelted with the question about a potential return over and over again.  Late in December, he told WWE.com that he is staying busy but he was open to donning the tights at WrestleMania 30:

I don’t really have the itch. I’m super busy with all the stuff I’m doing, between Fozzy tours, we’re getting ready to record a new record, thepodcast, “But I’m Chris Jericho,” which is another big hit. I’m also finishing my third book. There’s a lot of stuff going on. Having said that, I’d be open to it, but I haven’t had any conversations or anything like that. It’s WrestleMania. Anybody that’s been in WWE wants to be involved. If I’m there, it’ll be awesome and I’ll do everything I can to have the best match on the show. If I’m not, I’ll have a great time watching it, I’m sure.

Within days of that interview, Jericho took to his Twitter account to say he had no plans on coming back right now.

Now look closely at that tweet and you’ll see that he never said he wasn’t returning to the WWE anytime soon next year.  Sure, he says no shenanigans and possibly had his fingers crossed when he wrote that but there is some wiggle room there.

Jericho was last with the WWE on July 19 when he came up short against Curtis Axel in a Smackdown match for the Intercontinental Championship and then being attacked after the match by Ryback.

There are currently no tour dates listed on the Fozzy website.  While Jericho always keep a full schedule, that is always the case and he could be back in time for at least a short-term run in the WWE including WrestleMania 30.

Thoughts on a possible Chris Jericho return to the WWE?  Share you comments below.

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