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2014 WWE Royal Rumble Recap, Fans Outcry for Daniel Bryan

batistarumblewinnerBrian and Steve recap the 2014 WWE Royal Rumble including Batista winning the Royal Rumble match and getting a WWE World Heavyweight Championship match at WrestleMania XXX, the reaction that match got especially at the end, Daniel Bryan against Bray Wyatt, Bryan not being in the Royal Rumble match, where does WWE go from here for booking and do they change their original plans, the lineup for WrestleMania XXX right now and the rest of the pay-per-view including Randy Orton against John Cena which got hijacked by the fans and Brock Lesnar smashing Big Show.  Plus, more of your questions!

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Brian Fritz
Brian is the owner and editor-in-chief of Between The Ropes. He has also covered wrestling and MMA for The Orlando Sentinel and AOL Fanhouse and currently is a contributor for Sporting News. You can email Brian at btrfritz@gmail.com.


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    Steven of Jacksonville, Florida


    I expect to see Vincent K. McMahon open tonights show in a black suit and address the audience in some form or fashion. Whether good or bad, I cannot wait to see what happens tonight on Monday Night Raw.

    Steven of Jacksonville, Florida

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    I was at the Royal Rumble last night and can give a unique perspective of how things went. I can’t speak for everyone, obviously. But I think that I can summarize things pretty well after getting a lot of different perspectives.
    I think there’s a general bad taste of a guy like Batista showing up and immediately getting a title shot at mania a week later. It’s different with the Rock (not to mention his came a full year later in an entirely different situation and he’s on a whole different level). The rumble is generally used to vault guys to the next level and fans get behind that. The final 4 should have included Bryan and Ziggler for sure. That honestly might have saved the show to even tease one of those two. Batista doesn’t need the rumble or a title and it was a waste for him to win it, that’s the feeling. This year there were only 5 guys (or so) that you would even consider being in a title match involved in the rumble and that just kind of sucked.. I guess they couldn’t sacrifice any of the important spots (JBL?) to at least put Bryan in the match. As for the title match, this happens when Orton faces anybody. There’s not a lot of interest in what they are doing with the belt right now. Fans like who they like. If they really want to roll with these reactions as a storyline, they should have all the “established” guys (orton, cena, Batista etc.) Accept the reaction and stable as heels and guys like Ziggler Bryan Reigns should team up against them. Punk should be an outsider not choosing any one side. I look at the product now and just am not sure what the hell they are doing or thinking. I guess that IS their goal at the moment, to have everyone buzzing about their decisions or lack there of.

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    For the first time in a long time, the mainstream casual fans and the hardcore internet fans are on the same page and totally behind Daniel Bryan; yet WWE (as far as we know now) is still finding reasons to go with the BIG guy that they believe fits their image but it’s being rejected by every type of fan possible. Soo, is WWE on drugs? lol

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