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CM Punk Critical Of WWE Creative And Lack Of Long Term Thinking

It has been a little more than 24 hours since news broke that CM Punk has left the WWE right before the Raw tapings and headed home to Chicago. Punk hasn’t spoken since the news came, but we have been getting more and more reasons why he was unhappy with the company. On Friday, Punk was in Portland, Oregon for a Comic-Con appearance and did a fan Q&A. About two minutes into the video, which doesn’t state the question, Punk answers the question as it seems to be about what he would like to see back in wresting.

“I would like it to go back to being less writers, more of a booker with long-term planning and ideas,” Punk said.

A fan asks Punk, “Where you build your own characters?”

“Not necessarily that, just an idea of where your going instead of where every week is like what we doing and how like, ah they (WWE) don’t remember that, that was two ago,” Punk said. “And just dropping stuff at the slightest notion that it’s not working or having no real plan of what your doing. Like instead, their (WWE) worrying about WrestleMania now. If it was my company, I would have that all settled and would be worrying about WrestleMania 31. But there’s the long-term booking and planning that hasn’t existed in quite some time.”

A fan brought up how when ECW was around and they built up the long awaited Sabu vs Taz match for their first pay-per-view, Barely Legal.

“Long-term booking, wow what an idea,” Punk said. “It actually takes something to build it up and not hotshot it and do it three months in a row, right.”

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