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CM Punk’s Five Greatest Moments In The WWE

CMPunkchampWe reported yesterday that former WWE champion CM Punk has left the company and his return to the company is unknown at this time. Punk signed with the WWE in 2005 and was assigned to Ohio Valley Wrestling. Punk was there less a year as he was assigned to ECW, when the WWE decided to revive the brand. Punk debuted in July of 2006 and became the ECW champion in September of 2007. After the ECW brand went away Punk won the Intercontinental Champion, World Tag Team Champion, became a three time World Heavyweight Champion and a two-time WWE champion.

If Punk doesn’t return to the company, he had one of the greatest careers in the history of the WWE. We now take a look at Punk’s five greatest moments in his WWE career.

5) Winning Money In The Bank At WrestleMania 24: Punk had been in this match at WrestleMania 23 the previous year and almost snatched the briefcase at the end of the match, but was knocked down the ladder by the eventual winner, Mr. Kennedy. Punk had a chance for redemption at WrestleMania 24 in Orlando. That year’s MITB ladder match featured Punk, Chris Jericho, John Morrison, Carlito, Mr. Kennedy, Shelton Benjamin and MVP. The ending of the match came down to Jericho and Punk as Jericho was climbing the ladder trying to keep Punk at bay. Each guy was hitting each other with the ladder and Jericho knocked Punk a few rungs down from the ladder. Punk though was able to keep his bearings and was to sweep Jericho’s leg under the ladder and was able to obtain the MITB briefcase and cashed it in our next selection.

4) Winning the World Heavyweight Championship: On the June 30, 2008 edition of Monday Night Raw, current World Heavyweight Champion Edge was cutting a promo in the ring. Edge had finished his promo and was walking up to the ramp when Batista came out and attacked him. “The Animal” beat up Edge all over ringside. Batista threw Edge into the ring where he gave him a Batista Bomb. As the former world champion was walking up the ramp, Punk’s music hit and brought a referee with him to the ring and cashed in his MITB briefcase on Edge. Punk hit him with the GTS to win his first ever World Heavyweight Championship.

3) The Pipebomb Promo: CM Punk was scheduled to face John Cena for the WWE Championship at The Money in the Bank PPV on July 17, 2011. That was the last night of Punk’s WWE contract and had planned on leaving the company after the event. Negotiations had been ongoing, but nothing had been reached yet. On the June 27th edition of Raw, after Cena had a match and was laid out in the ring. Punk came out and grabbed a microphone and went up to the ramp and sat down. Punk cut a promo blasting John Cena, Vince McMahon, The Rock, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Punk also brought up going to promotions like Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling if he won the WWE Championship. This promo put Punk on the map as a top guy and the star that he is today.

2) WrestleMania 29 match with The Undertaker: Punk up until WrestleMania 29 had never had that standout WrestleMania match that people will remember. Fast forward to WrestleMania 29 at Met Life Stadium in New York/New Jersey when he faced The Undertaker in one of the main events of the show. Punk had lost the WWE Championship to The Rock at the Royal Rumble last January and lost the rematch the following month at the Elimination Chamber PPV. The Undertaker had four great matches at the four previous WrestleMania facing Shawn Michaels and Triple H two times each. This match stole the show even though the card was headlined by John Cena vs The Rock II and Triple H vs Brock Lesnar. This was the match everyone was talking about as the crowd was flat for the other two main events and was quite arguably the best match of 2013.

1) Winning his first WWE Championship: As we stated earlier, Punk was slated to face John Cena at the Money in the Bank PPV 2011 for the WWE Championship. Punk cut the infamous pipebomb promo expressing his frustrations with the company and was planning on leaving the company as his contract expired after the event. The event was taking place in his hometown of Chicago. The crowd was absolutely rabid the whole chanting Punk’s before the event started and throughout the show. By the time he came out there, the crowd was at a fever pitch and booed Cena out of the building. The two had an unbelievable match with Punk winning his first ever WWE championship. The other memorable moment was after the match, when Punk blew a kiss to WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and left through the crowd. That was one of the best matches and biggest moments of Punk’s career.

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