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NXT Arrival Talk, WWE Network Woes, Conference Call with Triple H

Michael and Steve come back on the latest Between the Ropes ‘Flagship’ show to discuss everything happening with the WWE Network, what they expect from NXT’s first flagship show, and various other news in the world of professional wrestling. Plus, they answer your questions live on-air!

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Michael A. Wiseman
Michael is a pro wrestling enthusiast and all-around geek. When not blogging, he likes to catch up on TV shows or dig into the latest tech news.


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    Michael & Steve,

    I listened to the podcast after NXT ArRIVAL. I cannot disagree with you guys more about Bo Dallas. That man is money. The best heels think they are the good guys, they are overly cocky, they cheat, they don’t want to compete, they can wrestle and Bo Dallas has all of that. He even has lame, corny sayings. You guys just need to Bolieve.

    I was billed for the 6 month commitment, even though I did the 7 day free trial. Fortunately I’m keeping it but that is still a problem.

    I had very light skipping throughout the LIVE NXT ArRIVAL show and one major problem where both my PS4 and iPad apps crashed and I spent 3 minutes to get the show back. There was one other moment where the app crashed and it took a minute for me to find the live stream, through a lot of rewinding and fast forwarding.

    I noticed Summer Rae, Bayley, Sasha Banks, Corey Graves, Enzo Amore, Colin Cassady and Lefort did not make the show, atleast I did not see them. I missed all of these people, I wanted to see Big Cass lead the arena in the S-A-W-F-T SAAAAAWWWFT chant, which both myself and my 8 year old nephew love. Missing them though is fantastic as I cannot wait to see NXT next week!

    I am very excited about the current state of WWE. Thanks for the show guys and thanks for tweeting me, I do have friends, they don’t like wrestling at all, o well.

    – Steven of Jacksonville, Florida

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