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Sami Zayn The Next Big Star From Canada For WWE?

ZaynCanadians have always been a big part of the WWE for years. There are obvious names that jump to mind like Bret Hart, His brother Owen, Edge, Chris Jericho and Christian just a few of the big names. There is something about the pride of Canadians that attaches itself to wrestlers just like it does with hockey for the majority of Canadians. We support our own regardless of if they are the “good guy” or the “bad guy” at the end of the day they are “our”‘ guys.

Jericho and Christian are the last leftovers of the attitude era. Christian has become banged up and likely is on the last legs of his career, this last Wrestlemania he was injured and unable to compete in battle royal. Chris Jericho meantime comes and goes as he sees fit based around his rock band “Fozzy” and the schedule for that.

One Canadian that was in the WWE that is having an influence on its future is Lance Storm. He has trained recently debuted from NXT the Australian Emma. He also was the trainer of one Tyler Breeze who actually is a Canadian as well from Vancouver. Lance’s Storm Wrestling Academy is one of the most respected places to train in North America to become a wrestler.

The guy perhaps though the biggest shot at being next big star for Canada in the WWE is Sami Zayn. WWE took off his mask and El Generico as Kevin Steen describes went back to care for the orphans in Mexico. What has not gone is the “OLE” chant that is famous in Montreal and followed Generico on the independent scene has continued on with Sami Zayn in NXT.

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Zayn caught the attention of the WWE fans with a couple of matches he had with Cesaro in NXT. The first was a two out of three falls match that many called the match of the year in 2013 by many fans and experts alike. Cesaro and Zayn had fought in many different places around the independents in North America and around the globe. This included having success and feuds as a part of tag-teams as they did in Ring Of Honor.

They would have a re-match on “NXT Arrival” and the sequel one fall match was arguably even better. It was the first live match on the WWE Network as well. NXT is closing in on their second special event on WWE Network called “NXT Takeover” coming up soon. If you read the spoilers you know where Sami is heading for that event. I hate to be a spoiler, so let’s focus on his triple threat match with fellow Canadians Tyson Kidd and closet Canadian Tyler Breeze.

The finish they had to the Battle Royal was fantastically worked. All three working an end to the battle royal in which it looked as if they all hit at the same time. I expect the match with the three to be something that should be fun to watch. Tyson Kidd has long been respected with in the ranks of the wrestlers in the WWE, but never really had a good run on main roster.

While we have seen many talents recently fizzle in debuts from NXT. Sami Zayn might be in a different place when his time comes. He doesn’t really have much of a gimmick. His gimmick if he has one is the guy that can have great matches. Not a bad thing to have being the guy that puts on the awesome matches.

When you think back in the past to who many consider the best Canadian wrestler Bret Hart was thought of in much the same light when he broke out as a singles competitor. Perhaps Zayn can be the best wrestler in the next wave of Canadian talent to make their way to the WWE. He has a background like many of the people enjoying success of late,  like Daniel Bryan, Cesaro, and countless others that are having success currently in the WWE.

Zayn, like Daniel Bryan has done, just needs to be working on building his persona outside of the ring and he will be the complete package. That is another similarity to Bret Hart actually. Bret had his struggles with promos in the early days of his run as a singles competitor.

The sky can be the limit for Sami Zayn if both he and WWE get it right with him.

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