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Meet The Guy Who Makes Championship Belts for WWE

CNN Money posted a video over the weekend interviewing the guy who makes the championship belts for WWE. You can watch the interview in its entirety below.

Perhaps most interesting is how pedestrian the whole ordeal feels. Dave Millican has been in the (fairly lucrative, apparently) business of belt building for the last seven years. In that time, he’s laid hands on numerous WWE, Bellator, and other MMA/Wrestling titles. He makes customized championships along with the ones you see on television every week.

I don’t know about you, but I pictured these being built in a giant factory stamped by heavy machinery, or as part of a semi-religious new championship ceremony. Not in some guy’s kitchen, in front of a Keurig.

For the record, you can see the new Intercontinental Championship and World Heavyweight Championship (or, as Dave affectionately calls it, the ‘Big Gold Belt’) featured in the video. Not Pictured? The copper penny Tag-Team Championships.

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