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NXT Takeover: Charlotte Flair Ready To Rise

Charlotte FlairThis potentially could be most likely the biggest moment in the career of Charlotte Flair on Thursday at NXT Takeover. Her dad is the legendary Ric Flair of course. Who would have thought that it would be Charlotte as the most likely to carry on the Flair Legacy? Her half-brother David Flair had some less than memorable moments in WCW you can look back on via the WWE Network. He had a brief role in WWE as part of the Flair vs. Undertaker build-up for Wrestlemania 18. You had the unfortunate and tragic death of Reed Flair in 2013, her younger brother who also was attempting to be part of the family business as well. In the end his drug addiction led to his death at far too young an age.

So, as it turns out it’s Charlotte Flair that has the brightest future it would appear. If the likely happens and she becomes the NXT Women’s Champion that would be the first step of many that likely lies ahead for her. She only needs to look across the ring at her opponent as an example of how it can not work out so well. Some may get upset by me saying this about Natalya, the daughter of Jim Neidhart and niece of Bret Hart. She is a tremendous talent in the ring but has failed to really break though, when being cast on Total Divas is your biggest accomplishment in WWE than that isn’t a good thing.

There is becoming a clear divide in the Diva’s division between the worker bees and the photo shoot/Total Divas bees. I am thinking it is a safe bet to cast Charlotte with the worker bees. Girls like Paige, recently called up to the main roster along with Naomi, Emma if they ever get her away form Santino and a returning at some point A.J Lee. Even add the recently pushed Alicia Fox to mix.

Since turning heel in NXT and becoming part of the “BFF’s- Beautiful Fierce Females” she has really started to shine. Summer Rae now not around on NXT it has been Flair that has stepped up and seems destined to feud with Sasha Banks who looks to be heading for a baby face turn.

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I would suspect that Charlotte Flair once she has mastered this heel persona as “The Dirtiest Diva in the Game” she will quickly be shifted to the main roster. She has an ever growing list of moves in the ring. Her five foot eleven inch frame and athletic skill come in handy. She was a very accomplished volleyball player in high school. She seems to pick-up on things fairly quickly.

If you could build a group of workers around her there is no question she could become potentially one of the greatest women’s competitors of all time. The one thing is she is 28 years old so the time really is ticking. There is more of urgency than for say someone like Paige who is just 21 years old. They don’t let you hang around till your sixties in the Diva’s Division unless your name is Moolah or Mae.

Ric Flair is expected to be in attendance and in the corner of Charlotte at “NXT Takeover,” Bret Hart was also suppose to appear in opposite corner, but appears to have had to pull out due to previous commitment. Still the fact Flair will be there to share in this moment will both help and hurt Charlotte. That will be the real challenge to play off her legacy and father without being overshadowed by it.

I would think if all goes well we see Charlotte Flair making her way to the main roster as early as the fall maybe sooner. Once she gets there I suspect she will be around for a long time. Maybe she can be like pop and beat the record for most Women’s/Diva’s Championships held by Canada’s own Trish Stratus.

Time will tell but Charlotte has become the future of the “Flair Legacy” in wrestling.

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