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NXT Takeover: Chance For Tyler Breeze To Shine

BreezeTyler Breeze was trained by Lance Storm up in Canada at the Storm Wrestling academy. It’s kind of amusing that the most character driven wrestler in NXT was trained by Lance Storm. It makes you believe though that Tyler Breeze has a lot more to offer in ring and we likely will get to see it on Thursday matched up against Sami Zayn.

There is no question how good Zayn is at this point. How good, he is getting the endorsement of Triple H in a video promoting NXT Takeover.

In addition here in Between the Ropes I wrote a story talking about Zayn as being the next potential big Canadian Star. Speaking of which Breeze is actually a Canadian as well despite his list of famous model like residences.

Breeze has one of the most unique and high tech intros in the history of wrestling. He broadcasts himself through his I-phone on to the large screen at the entrance. Like other call ups recently from NXT Tyler Breeze despite his heel gimmick is over with the fans at Full Sail. For them, this is almost like a “babyface vs. babyface” match even though it will not be booked that way.

This match came to be as a Battle Royal ended with Zayn, Breeze and Tyson Kidd working an amazing spot where all three seemed to hit the ground at the same time. It led to the three way match between them and Kidd ultimately winning pinning Breeze to challenge for the NXT Title. Zayn and Breeze were left to battle in this match to become the number one contender for the NXT Championship.

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Perhaps the best thing about this match-up is I could give you a strong case for either guy winning the match. It doesn’t happen very often when we have a match where you could see 50/50 like dynamic on who could be the winner. If I was forced to pick a winner Zayn would get the slight edge.

Regardless of the outcome this should be a big showcase for what Tyler Breeze can do. Sami Zayn thanks to his reputation on the independent scene and in Ring of Honor combined with his matches with Cesaro is a proven guy. Tyler Breeze has proven he can get over in NXT, but can he have a match that will leave people talking about it after Takeover. That is the question to be answered here.

Signs suggest he can as in recent months Breeze has developed a real nasty edge to his character. Not something you would expect from a guy with the moniker “The Prince of Pretty” but it is true. Breeze has taken the old gimmick of Rick “The Model” Martel and modernized it for this generation.

When the time comes for Breeze to debut on main roster I really hope they do a bunch of build to it. So many of the NXT debuts of late seem rushed and as a result don’t seem to be getting over as well as they have in NXT. If NXT has a crown jewel of a gimmick they have created this is it.

If all goes well for Tyler Breeze he could be the number one contender and considered not just a pretty face but a hell of a wrestler after Thursday night is done.

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