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WWE NXT Takeover Preview

NXT Kidd Neville

Have you seen all our coverage leading up to NXT Takeover? Features on Charlotte Flair and her chance to shine. Tyler Breeze and his shot at getting to show off his skill on the big stage and Triple H’s Presser on talking about NXT and this event that Brian Fritz was a part of.

NXT is set to have it’s second live special event on the WWE Network tonight and it promises to be a good night of action. Triple H in talking with media including our own Brian Fritz talked about the great success of “NXT Arrival, “surprising” even Vince McMahon. So it will be interesting to see how the follow-up to that show does. Let’s run through the line-up for tonight along with my predictions.

Adam Rose vs. Camacho

In the build up to this match Camacho has had hot hands on a couple of Adam’s “Rosebuds” even having a match with one of them. Thankfully for the world, he has not got his hands on the bunny. Maybe that is just me as I am a huge “mark” for the bunny. Fun did you know fact that Camacho is actually the son of former WWE wrestler Haku. He was known as one of the legitimate toughest men in wrestling outside of the ring and not to be messed with. Camacho on the other hand has really never been given much of a serious push. Rose is getting a major push on the main roster, so this if booked correct and as expected should be a showcase for his skills. I will keep an eye to see if Brian Fritz joins the “Exotic Express” probably not but you never know!

Prediction: Adam Rose gets the win

NXT Tag-Team Title Match
Ascension (Champions) vs. Kalisto and El Local

This is a match with the recently formed tag-team of Kalisto and El Local taking on the longest reigning tag champs in NXT history in The Ascension. I expect this to be a match to showcase the skills of Kalisto as some see him as the “next” Mexican star for the WWE. If the time is nearing for the Ascension to debut in WWE on main roster, however I don’t expect them to lose with this largest audience watch. In a rematch down the line it wouldn’t surprise me to see Kalisto and El Local getting the belts but not tonight.

Prediction: Ascension retains NXT Tag-Team Titles.

Tyler Breeze vs.  Sami Zayn (#1 contender for the NXT Championship)

This is a big match for Tyler Breeze win or lose in terms of his career. Early in the week I wrote in depth on how big an opportunity this is for Tyler. Zayn for my money with all due respect to the rest of the NXT Roster is the best performer on it. He opened “NXT Arrival” with a match people are still talking about with Cesaro. Zayn has stated his new obsession is to become the NXT Champion. It should be a heck of a match and for my money the best on this show. Who wins is really a coin clip in my view. The wildcard in this might be Cory Graves who had a feud with Zayn that really felt like it wasn’t over. If he gets involved, its a safe bet Breeze wins the match. Straight up I give Zayn the edge.

Prediction: Sami Zayn wins and becomes number one contender

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NXT Women’s Championship Tournament Final
Charlotte Flair (w/ Ric Flair in corner) vs. Natalya (w/Bret Hart in corner)

This all sets up as a big night for Charlotte Flair. Her dad in the corner and Bret Hart after some speculation he would not be. Hart will in fact be in the corner of his niece, Natalya. WWE is making a big deal of the legends participation and used this match to sell the card on Monday Night Raw. Safe to say the ladies will have a fair amount of time to put on a show. I expect Flair to win and likely based on some less than fair means. They have been using the moniker for Charlotte as the “Dirtiest Diva in the Game” safe to say she lives up to that and becomes only the second lady to hold the NXT Women’s Championship.

Prediction: Charlotte Flair (With some help from Dad)

NXT Championship
Tyson Kidd vs. Adrian Neville (Champion)

Some internal competition on who will have the match of the night should help make this match great. Sami Zayn and Tyler Breeze will have already laid out the standard to be met. Kidd and Neville are not the greatest talkers in wrestling and that is being kind. In the ring however they are arguably two of the pound for pound best. I expect a high speed, high flying thrill ride in this one. After this match, several places on the internet have speculated that Kidd might be getting a character makeover. Before I heard that speculation, my mind was still that Neville would retain and if these rumors turn out to be fact that would only strengthen that belief. Still the ride to get there should be a match worth seeing.

Prediction: Adrian Neville retains NXT Championship

Expect Full Sail to be rocking at an even higher level than it normally is and a great night of action for the stars of NXT to shine. It has a lot to live up to from the first special event, but I expect it to deliver. This should be well worth taking the time on Thursday night to find out. Many have been looking forward to this more than WWE’s Payback. I am not sure if it can be that good, but you know they are going to go all in to try to make it that good. That is what the fun of NXT at its core is.

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