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TNA Impact Results: On The Road To Slammiversary

TNA Impact WrestlingTNA
May 29, 2014
Universal Studios
Orlando, Florida

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Off the Top: Package on MVP and showing all the chaos that he and his new faction have caused with Bobby and Kenny King. Promo ends with question being asked who is going to stop them.

Hot start as we go right into promo by Bully Ray. He claims he is obsessed with 6 people that he guarantees he is going to put through tables. He has 6 tables covered up and reveals names. Lashley, EC3, MVP, Kenny King and Spud and lost to be revealed is of course Dixie. Bully asks the crowd who they want to go through a table prior to revealing the last one and they chant Dixie. He calls out any of them to the ring.

The call is answered by MVP. He says he does not respond well to threats He says he should reconsider and claims that no one is going through tables tonight. He says it would be no fun to take care of Bully on his own he is joined by King and Lashley. Spud and EC3 come from out of no where and 5 on 1 beat down commences. Spud by the way is in an ugly suit and wearing a neck brace from a Bully attack. They take one of table and are about to put Bully through it.

Eric Young, Aries and Wolves come down to save Bully Ray. Aries calls for a six man tag-team match. Spud didn’t make it out of the ring and he goes for the ride through the table barring his name from the top rope.

Show goes to break teasing a six man tag match between MVP, Lashley and King against I am not sure which three in the ring.

Aries and Wolves brawling with MVP and company so I guess we have our six man tag match. Fight makes its way to the ring with Aries and Lashley. Outside the ring Wolves have taken out MVP and Kenny King. While in the ring Aries getting it taken to him by Bobby Lashley.

Refs in TNA not really in control of things eventually the ring fills and Aries and the Wolves clear the ring and than Aries and I believe it was Edwards take dives to the outside to take out their 3 foes. Match continues as they go to break.

Match returns with Kenny King in some trouble and this finally looks like a tag-team match of sorts. King is being isolated but he gets out of it laying out Edwards and tags in MVP who goes for a pin with one finger which is not successful. Now Edwards is the one isolated and kicking out of several pin attempts by all of his 3 opponents.

Edwards rolls away from Kenny King and is able to get a tag to Aries. Now Aries is the one getting triple teamed and I am wondering if refs in TNA have heard of a 5 count? Richards has his ribs tapped up from a previous beating and he ends up in the ring and after a little offence takes a kick to the face and that is enough for the 3 count.

Match Result: Lashley, King and MVP your winners.

Backstage: Bram and Magnus in a locker room. Bram says he wants the old Magnus back and informs him he has a match. He doesn’t know who it is against and he doesn’t care. So off to break we go with Bram against someone when we return.

Show comes back and EC3 is backstage with Dixie and he explains what went on earlier blaming MVP and his partners for what went wrong. He informs her of what became of Rock Star Spud.  Carter seems disinterested and claims she has business to take care of with MVP and want Ethan to be with her when it goes down.

Back to the ring with Bram taking on a wrestler that was not named but I did some research to learn it is Tigre Uno. I am not sure it will matter as this is Bram’s in ring debut and he is dominating. He hits him with a face smashing suplex. Bram was going do more damage but Magnus comes in and stops him from doing more damage.

He asks what’s wrong with Bram and points out he beat someone half his side and than suggests he should face someone his size. Just when you thought Magnus meant him he says Bram should face Willow.

Cut Backstage: Ken Anderson with Gunner, Anderson asked what Gunner is doing going to see Sam Shaw? Gunner says something along the lines of he understands him. Anderson  wonders if he can count on Gunner as it would appear will be seeing them in tag action. It is time for another commercial.

We return backstage and Brittney asks Madison to tag with her against the Beautiful People. She refuses saying Brittney is not ready to take them on and makes here promise she is not going to get involved with them.

Bro Mans already in the ring and Anderson and Gunner provide the opposition. During the match we are told Dixie will be out next to address the crowd.  Meanwhile back at the match Anderson and Gunner getting along fine and having their way with the former TNA Tag-Team Champions and make short work of them and get the win.

The Menagerie come out after the match to the confusion of the Bro Mans and Mr Ion. Bro Mans want not part of this crazy group and I don’t blame them. Crazy Steve has a bunch of balloons and is going nuts. The four members of menagerie surround the Bro Mans. The Freak got his hands on Ion and gave him a chock slam.

Dixie was shown getting ready to come to ring after the break.

Brittney goes to Gail Kim backstage and asks her to tag and she agrees only because it is against the Beautiful People.

It is Dixie Time now as she and Ethan Carter III hit the ring. She asks MVP to come to the ring. MVP with his pals in toe comes out to the ring. MVP says what is this all about; Dixie says we can do this the easy way or the Dixie way. She claims that MVP needs here. MVP shockingly disagrees and says that he has everything in hand. Dixie threatens to go to the board of directors. I wonder if they are the people that fire everyone. MVP claims to have lots of money at his disposal. Carter says his money is dirty and MVP counters with say her money is from her family.

Eric Young and Bully come out to break up this meeting. Young has a pipe in his hand and he claims that everyone wants to see them all go through table. MVP claims he hand picked Eric Young to win the title so he could take it from him. He asks if Bully is Eric’s dad. He has some other insults for him than makes a match with Young and Bully with Ethan Carter III as the ref. Bully says he will quit. Dixie than says so your from New York City and quitter. So 45 seconds or so later Bully says he isn’t a quitter. He re-states his claim that everyone in that ring at some point will go through a table.

Cut Backstage: Beautiful People asked about there match and they seem less than concerned and proclaim Beautiful is back.

Promos for upcoming TNA shows and a claim that do to demand they are having more shows in New York City. I tried not to laugh but failed.

Package on Kurt Angle and his injury and Kurt with a video shot from his home thanking fans for their support and he claims his recovery is coming along very slowly.

Beautiful People make their way to ring. It took while but finally something in this show to enjoy. Well for me at least. Cut to a scene from last week and what happened to Britney. Gail Kim and Britney enter and Britney is very happy to have Gail as her partner. Maybe too happy about it will see.

Beautiful People with a” Pink and Black” clearly rooting for Natalya tonight on the other show. Probably not but no surprise the Beautiful People isolate Brittney and have the advantage. Britney makes a comeback and Gail wants a tag but Britney claims to have things under control she does not.

This is an easy night at office for Gail Kim as she has still not tagged into the match. Just as I say it she finally gets in and starts dominating Velvet Sky. At this point Britney decides to blind tag herself into the match to the dismay of Kim. Love hits her finish and 1-2-3 and Britney blows it and your winners the Beautiful People.

Kim after the match not happy with her partner but only has words not actions.

Young and Bully backstage agree may the best man win. If Bully wins he claims he will become the number one contender. I don’t recall anyone else saying this. It is time for more ads for Bar Rescue coming up.

Britney still in ring after break and demands Madison comes to the ring. She wants to know why Madison would not tag with her. Madison says her issues with Beautiful People go back a long way. Britney says she doesn’t care and just wants to be with Madison. Madison is not exactly comfortable with this. She tells Britney to back off. Britney wants to know why Madison doesn’t like her. Beautiful People come out and claim that Madison is the real mean girl. Madison says she has a title re-match will use it to face Love next week for her title.

Cut backstage and MVP and his guys seem to come to an agreement with EC3 to work together and we go to break with main event up next by the looks of it.

So Christy is interrupted by Kenny King who has been made the “Special Ring Announcer” he attempts to be funny and fails. The Special Ref gets an intro after Young and Bully kind of odd but sure whatever at this point. A “Special Enforcer” on the outside is Bobby Lashley. You know what is coming next right? MVP is you Special Timer Keeper” so this should be special right?

Ethan Carter III is afraid to get in the ring and calls for the bell from the apron. Bully threatens him with chain and he drops to the floor. He finally gets into the ring and match is under way. Both guys wrestling a very good guy vs. good guy match. Bully take’s a drop kick outside and is attacked Young comes out to have his opponent’s back and we go to break with two returning to the ring.

Bully ends up on the outside as MVP tried to get in a cheap shot and Bully is in his face. Bully started to take advantage on Young and was about to do his “Dusty Elbow” Carter says know and gets kicked in the mush. MVP and crew hit the ring and attack both and from out of no where Samoa Joe makes his return to impact and saves Bully and Young and hit’s a Muscle Buster on Kenny King and the heels back off as Joe celebrates in the ring.

That is your show as they go off the air.

Josh who normally does this gives the show a rating. I am not normally doing this so I don’t feel comfortable with that. Based on what I have heard of TNA of late we saw more in ring action than from recent weeks so I guess that is a positive. Overall though I find a lot of what went on in this show and in TNA as fairly predictable stuff. Which isn’t always a bad thing but in their case it kind of is.

Hope you enjoyed me filling in for Josh and I did as well as he normally does guiding you through Impact. Good night for the North of Border here in Canada!




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