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Matt Taven Talks About Ring Of Honor Being On The Rise

MattTavenIt has been a big year for Ring of Honor as they head to a huge moment for the company, making their live debut on pay-per-view on June 22.

For Matt Taven, the former and longest reigning television champion, it has special meaning.  His mom and dad do not live in an area that gets Ring of Honor’s television program.

“It’s exciting that they’ll be able to watch what I do and see it live on their TV screen,” Taven said.  “To have her (his mom) be able to sit down and order the pay-per-view to see me on TV it gives me a sense of pride, so I know I will be bringing my best and I am sure everyone else on the roster will be bringing their best.”

This is something that Toronto Raptors fans have felt for six years. The Raptors rarely make it on national TV in the U.S. with countless Raptors players express some of the same emotions and thoughts as Taven is feeling heading towards the show.

There has been a lot of positive talk about Ring of Honor in 2014 to the point of comparing Ring of Honor to TNA. There has been talk about whether or not Ring of Honor is the number two company or heading in that direction.

“You would have to be a liar, if any of us said we don’t think about that” Taven admitted.  Of course we take pride in what we do. We wrestle because we love it and when you love something you want to be the best at it.”

When people starting asking the question if Ring of Honor number two is TNA number two or not, Taven stated, “Of course,we take pride in that, of course we take pride in that and, of course, we pay attention we want to be number two.”

Obviously a big factor in this conversation will be how Ring of Honor does debuting on pay-per-view at “Best in the World” which will take place in Nashville. “It’s a huge moment, it’s been marked on the calendar for a couple months now” says Taven.  “It’s definitely what everyone has their focus on.”

The “Best In The World” card on June 22nd will be headlined by Adam Cole vs. Michael Elgin for the ROH World Title. Other matches announced have the Briscoes taking on Matt Hardy and Michael Bennett with Maria in their corner. Also, Roderick Strong will be taking on Cedric Alexander in a submission match. As for Matt Taven, he expects to be involved in some match that will allow him to get his hands on his former manager Truth Martini.

For the full interview you can check out the Condo on the Moon Podcast. Some of the other things we talk about are Taven’s rivalry with Jay Lethal and how they have switched places. Matt’s love of the NBA and how he worked for a couple seasons with the New England Patriots and New England MLS Franchise. Also how Taven got some insight into the WWE Network trough a college friend that worked on setting up the network. You also will find talk of “NXT Takedown” and “Payback” as part of our regular weekly Friday podcast.

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