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June 1st, 2014

From: Chicago, Illinois

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So, we have two of our staff members are somewhere out in crowd, as Josh and Steve are live in attendance for this one. Will they be witness to a bald Hornswoggle or an unmasking of a little bull? That is the pre-show match here at WWE Payback a hair vs. mask match. They can say I was there when this happened.

Your pre-show panel: Josh Matthews, Booker T, Kofi Kingston and Alex Riley

Promoting the Hornswoggle and El Torito match, Kofi claims he wants to see a bald Hornswoggle. They move on to promoting the main event between The Shield and Evolution- No holds barred elimination match. Followed by a re-cap of the “de-tailing” of El Torito. Next up some promotion for the John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt- Last Man Standing Match. Booker-T predicting someone will be injured in the Cena vs. Wyatt match. They move on to talk about the choice head of Daniel Bryan and they interview Bri Bella about it. She says the obvious that her sister loves to compete but also loves her husband. She claims to know nothing and has not spoken to her sister or brother-in-law. Kofi made some tweets against Stephanie McMahon butting Bryan in this situation. I expect this will lead to some payback on Raw for Kofi.

It is time for our match such as it is with El Torito hitting the ring with Los Matadors. While Hornswoggle has 3MB along side him. Torito will a bulls like jersey that has 2/3’s as his number.

Match starts with Hornswoggle going for the match and crowd chanting for tables. Torito tries for an airplane spin and makes both of them dizzy. Spinning heel kick if he had for false finish 2 count. Crowd thinks Sami Zayn is coming as an “Ole” chant breaks out. Commentary on this match in one word is cheesy. A bunch oh high spots involving Matadors and 3MB. The group of high spots ends with Honswoggle doing a suicide dive if you can believe it and Torito hits Slater crashing him into the group on the floor. Torito hit a bronco buster but Hornswoggle took control and unmasked Torito only to reveal a second match. Hornswaggle thinking he won gets rolled up and it’s hair cutting time.

The bull is the barber and Hornswoggle is being clipped and now shaved bald. Just 5 minutes to show not sure they will get this done prior to the show. For the people that wanted to see this it was everything you would have expected. The Chicago crowd was into this match though they were very loud and into it from start to finish.

Torito wins and Hornswoggle is on way to hairless.

Backstage scene with Goldust and Cody getting laughed at by Ryback and Axel. Short promo by Cody and Goldust about debuting in this very arena as team.  They also have breaking news that Kofi will be facing Bo Dallas. So two matches added to the card it looks like. Teasing Sheamus vs. Cesaro as the opening match and the pre-show goes off the air.

Opening Match: Sheamus vs. Cesaro for the U.S Championship.

History of this brief rivalry after Sheamus made his entrance to the ring. Paul Heyman has a microphone and says his name and that he is her to advocate for a Paul Heyman guy which results in CM Punk chants. Paul says that Punk is at the Hockey Game and says he is watching the Kings beat the Blackhawks streak by the L.A Kings. Just like his client took care of the Undertaker’s streak. Also like Cesaro is going to end Sheamus streak of kicking guys in the face. So with that said, time to get it on.

A fast start as both exchanging a lot of punches and blows. Cesaro gets the first clear advantage landing some solid European uppercuts. Sheamus turns it around with a rolling sinton.  His big fist smashing spot in the ropes as well.Momentum shifts back to Cesaro with a big powerbomb and a pinning attempt for a two count. An Irish Curse Back-breaker only gets a two count as Heyman points out to Sheamus. Another false finish as Sheamus gets another two count and again Heyman points it out to him as this is becoming a theme. Huge press in that air European uppercut landed by Cesaro and that only gets a two count and Heyman claims that was three.

Intensity is picking up and Sheamus hits “White Noise” for yet another two count. Sheamus than goes for a cloverleaf leg lock shades of Fit Finley but Cesaro gets to the ropes. Another Sheamus two count and it leads to Cesaro getting the advantage. Swing time and Cesaro got 20 rotations but got a little dizzy and Sheamus rolls him up in the small package for the win.

Sheamus Retains U.S Title.

Second Match: Cody Rhodes and Goldust vs Rybaxel

Goldust and Axel begin the match in the ring for their respective teams. Goldust gains the advantage and tags in Cody and Axel takes over and the ” Big Guy is tagged in. Announcers selling the fact Cody Rhodes has been struggling to find a win. Goldust gets back in and some surprisingly good tag-team work from the team of Rybaxel with lots of quick tags isolating Goldust. Ryback goes for first pin attempt of the match and gets a two count on Goldust. Both men down and the race is on and both men get tags leaving us with Rhodes and Ryback in the match. Rhodes nearly botched a high spot he almost fell and could have really ended badly. Soon after Ryback hits the “ShellShock” for the one-two-three.

Winners: Rybaxel

Post match: Goldust tries to console his brother and Cody asks for a microphone. Cody says ” Brother to brother you need a better tag-team partner than me,” he drops the mic and heads to the back alone.

Match Three: Rusev vs Big E

Lana is here and that will make the male audience happy. Lana of course says mean things about the good old U.S.A and puts over Russia which is now where Rusev resides according to Justin Roberts. Big E enters in red-white and blue and waving a massive American Flag as he enters the arena. Lot of punching and kicking to start and a predictable U-S-A chant. Rusev ends all of that with a release German-Suplex. Rusev charged the corner and went down as Big E got out of the way. Big E went for a spear like move sending both to floor. Lana is screaming at Rusev to get up and he does and send Big E to guard rail. Look a huge kick once he got back in the ring and eventually into his version of the Camel Clutch for the tap-out win. Guys had a debate on the flagship show on how long this would go it was very close to that four minute mark. I didn’t have my stopwatch to settle the debate.

Rusev Via Tap Out

Cut to backstage to look at concerned Bryan and Bri as tease for later tonight.

Match Four: Kofi Kingston vs Bo Dallas.

Bo Dallas comes out and Tebow’s when he enters the ring. Bo Dallas has a microphone and says that even though the Blackhawks are going to lose tonight that the crowd is not all losers. Wait before this starts Kane enters and hits the ring. Bo makes an exit and Kane is laying a beating on poor Kofi. “Chokeslam and Tombstone,” for poor Kofi’s troubles. Kane leaves and Bo is back and tells Kofi to not worry that he will be back on his feet before he knows it if he and all of the fans just Bolieve.

No Contest

Recap of the pre-show but we already cover that for you earlier Hornswoggle is bald.

Match Five:RVD vs Bad News Barrett

Barrett proclaims for those who think RVD is going to win he has some bad news for them. He continues to say not only will RVD not get payback but he will not be getting pay checks. Compares him to “Old Yeller” and says his ” Bull Hammer is going to put him out of his misery. Rivalling chants from the Chicago crowd as this one gets underway. RVD with the majority of the early advantage and Barrett goes to the floor followed by RVD. Vintage RVD has he hits the spinning leg drop on his on opponent on the rail from the apron. Gets him back in the ring and goes for a cover for just a two count. Match turns with Barrett landing a big kick sending RVD to the outside off the guard rail and the floor. RVD rolls in at the eight count and takes a series of kicks from Barrett.

Spinning heel kick to the nose gets RVD back in the match. Barrett tries to avoid rolling thunder and takes a side kick. Than Rolling Thunder lands and RVD goes for the “Five Star Frog Splash” and misses it. Barrett can cash in on the mistake and takes a spike DDT. But eventually recovers and ends it with a “Bull Hammer” to the face and that is good enough to get the three count. Surprisingly good match from these two and the best we have seen to this point perhaps.

Barrett Retains via Pinfall

Up Next: Daniel Bryan’s Decision.

Video package setting this up as the world waits to see what Bryan’s decision will be. Stephanie is greeted by mild boos so she thanks the people for a warm welcome and the boos get louder. This girl is a champ at getting heat and she lays out the stakes and invites Bryan to the ring as he comes with his wife beside him. Stephanie thanks Bryan for bringing his wife out and says this is all on him. She insults what their future children might look like. Will he set a good example for his future children. Bryan plays the crowd to boo Steph. Bryan says that Stephanie could do the right thing. A CM Punk chant breaks out and Stephanie says the people want him to quit just like CM Punk did to loud boos.

Bryan suggests that what is the example she is setting for her children. He describes what Stephanie is acting like and is search for a word. Bri cuts in and calls Stephanie a bitch. Steph is getting impatient and demands an answer. Bri takes the mic and says she is not going the be a victim as Stephanie says there is nothing she can do that she is her boss.Bri says she quits and slaps the taste out of Stephanie’s mouth. A shocked Stephanie exits the ring and Daniel Bryan remains you WWE World Heavyweight champion and Bri is looking for work.

Match Six: Bray Wyatt vs John Cena- Last Man Standing

A sea of lights from cell phones awaits Bray Wyatt as he enters the arena this is a hometown type game for Bray Wyatt. John Cena will never be mayor of Chicago as he is greeted as he often is with a huge amount of boos. Match begins with Harper and Rowan instructed to attack John Cena. The Usos hit the ring to even up the odds and Bray smiles about it all.Bray gets the early edge with fists flying and he delivers a head butt to take control. Bray has Cena in corner and heads to the other corner and nails him with a huge closeline. That draws about a five count as Cena uses Wyatt to help himself get up to Bray’s amusement. It has been all Bray Wyatt except for a short burst by Cena. An attempt at a “Sister Abigail” is thwarted but Cena is taken down again and is counted for like the third or four time in the match already.

The two end up battling on the top rope Cena shoves Bray off and hits his legdrop from the top. Wyatt gets up and quickly gets his finisher applied but it did not get job done. Bray takes the Attitude Adjustment but Bray at seven pushes himself up in the “Spider Walk” and Cena looks stunned. The Usos and Rowan and Harper all end up taking one another out and Bray ends up with a chair and goes to town with it on Cena.  John has no issues return the favour and Bray with stands the onslaught. Cena goes for a table sets it up and goes to hit his finisher through the table but Bray counters and Cena goes through the table. Bray introduces some steel steps into the mix as the ride through the table doesn’t finish Cena. The steps fail to get job done and now Cena gets them and he eventually chucks them at Bray outside of the ring. Bray got up though amazingly. Cena coming out of the ring jumped into a Sister Abby and still not enough.

I have no idea what it is going to take to end this. Cena hit an attitude adjustment on Wyatt on the floor and suddenly Harper and Rowan are back at ringside attack Cena and than rush to Bray to help him out. The Usos come out and get involved again. Wyatt was down for what looked like a ten count but Ref did not see him. This is utter chaos. Harper suplexed one of the Uso’s through a table on the outside. Cena and Wyatt the only two left standing go smashing through the barrier and both are down. they both are back out and fighting the crowd. They make there way to a tech area and Cena gets Bray up and sends him through some casing. He dumps another case on top of it and Bray is trapped and counted out for ten.

Great match but a finish that was head scratching to say the least.

John Cena wins and is the Last Man Standing.

Match Seven: Alicia Fox vs Paige for the Divas Title

These poor girls have to follow that I am out of breath and I was only typing not talking. Paige gets arm-drag and than is sent to the floor but lands a European Uppercut. Fans have given up on this one early singing Adam Rose’s theme song. the two get after it on the outside and Fox slams Paige off the apron and she partially hit the guard rail. Fox with an unusual hold trying to choke out Paige with he own arms. She escapes though but it has been all Fox for majority of the match. Fox threw Paige out the ring and she gets back in. For no reason at all Fox yells rain and that actually marks Paige turning things around. Few closelines and Paige locks on her submission finisher and the match is over like that. Paige continues to be booked weak or lucky take you pick.

Fox after the match is trying not to go crazy and is failing. She runs like a crazy person to the back.

Paige Retains Via Submission.

Cut to the panel upstairs and they review the night and throw to a preview for the Main Event.

Main Event:

The Shield vs Evolution- No Holds Barred Elimination Match.

Orton and Triple H come out  in black and Bautista for some reason sporting blue? Fashion choices aside this should be one heck of a fight. The groups stand staring each out down and bell rings and the chaos is underway. Triple H has paired off with Rollins, Ambrose with Orton and Reigns and Bautista and not one person is in the ring. Reigns sent Bautista into the steps but they missed it on camera. Meanwhile Ambrose is dumped in crowd and Rollins is out as well it looks like order has been restored as Bautista and Regins are in the ring.

This finally looks like a six-man tag and Rollins was isolated for a few moments but was able to get a tag and he and Ambrose double team and suplex Orton.It is now Orton being isolated by The Shield and Reigns is tagged in and puts a beating on Orton. Bautista is briefly in and tags Triple H. We end up with Reigns and Triple H and get a staredown and perhaps a preview of  Summerslam. Reigns runs over “The Game”‘ after being tossed off the ropes. Rollins is tagged in and does the old Eddie Guerrero “three amgios” suplex for a near fall of two. The Shield have isolate Triple H. That comes to an end when Bautista drags Ambrose outside and bet on him. Crowd responds to that with a”BOO-Tista” chant.

We are roughly 15 minutes into this match and no one has been eliminated. Ambrose has been in the ring a long time and is able to get a closeline on Triple H and allows him to tag Reigns into the match. Bautista is taken down in the corner and speared and pinned but Orton with the save. Chaos is back in order and I think Reigns and Bautista are still the legal men. But this has spilled out into the crowd once again as Rollins and Triple H are battling in tech era. Ambrose came flying from somewhere and hit Orton. Back at ringside Reigns was preparing an announce table to put Bautista through but Orton cuts that off.

Rollins and Ambrose are laid out in crowd somewhere and Reigns is given the triple powerbomb through the table. Ambrose and Rollins come back from out of no where and are diving all over the place taking out Evolution.  Evolution is battling three against two on the outside with Reigns laid out still. Triple H has a chair and gives a shot to both Rollins and Ambrose. He than kind of atomic drops Ambrose on a chair and Rollins took a pedigree on a chair. Reigns is coming around and the wolves of Evolution turn to him and make it a three on one attack.

Steal steps are in the ring and Triple H smashes Reigns head into them several times and than hold him down and Orton and Bautista take turns hitting him with Singapore canes. Now they have a chair and are laying the wood to Reigns on the outside. Ambrose shows life and he takes Randy Orton’s DDT off the WWE Logo on the stage.  Rollins jumped off the big tron and takes out all three members of Evolution and everyone is down.

This gets back to the ring and Bautista Spears Rollins jumping from the ropes. He goes to Bautista bomb him but is speared by Reigns and Rollins covers him for three.

Bautista eliminated by pinfall.

Ambrose  takes out Orton and gets a pinfall on Orton and it is three on one against The Game. Before exiting Bautista laid waste to Shield. Orton before he leaves hands Triple H the sledgehammer.

Ambrose by pinfall over  Orton.

Triple H gets speared by out of no where by Reigns before he can use the sledgehammer to any effect and it is a clean sweep for The Shield.

Reigns pins Triple H.

What a match that was. Just a wild brawl that we just don’t see much of anymore. So that wraps it up and it wasn’t to bad a show as it turns out.  I will continue to watch the post show and if anything of note happens I will add it on to this. If not it has been a pleasure and I enjoyed trying to describe all this chaos for you.

Post Show:

On the post show they are suggesting that by losing Evolution is forced to disband. I don’t recall this has a condition of the match at all. Tune in to Raw for some clarification on that. WWE is continuing with these phony press conferences on the post show and they remain terrible. John Cena suggests things are not over with Bray Wyatt. Alicia Fox invited herself to the phony presser that she was not invited too and refused to answer questions and trashed the set to close the post show.

So that is all folks, I had a great time hope you did as well.





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