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Triple H: The Man Who Will Be King Of WWE

HHHCEOComing off a week in which we saw “NXT Takeover” create a serious debate on whether it was the better show in comparison to “Payback,” it leads to a larger and more broader discussion. Paul Lévesque aka Triple H is basically the Vince McMahon of NXT. Everything about that place has been produced and manufactured from Paul’s guidance and watchful eyes. He is at the “gorilla position” for every television taping that they do. He is the man that had the vision to create what all would agree is a world class facility for developing talent. It is one that rivals that of any pro sports franchise. It is designed to be the ultimate learning facility to create the next generation of WWE Superstars. He can not hide his love for the various talents that are succeeding from their referencing them as “kids,” but in the best sense of that word. He feels like NXT is an extension of himself. He is always quick to heap praise on the talent, the audience and their partners at Full Sail University. He seldom takes any of the praise himself that he quite frankly has earned.

It is a real departure from the attitude among “hardcore” wrestling fans that cling to this image of Triple H burying a person that for some still exists.  It has been clear for awhile that Paul Lévesque is not concerned about how Triple H the character does in terms of wins and losses any longer. He will have that character do what is “best for business,” which often times mean taking a loss as he did at Wrestlemania against Daniel Bryan and has for the guys in The Shield as part of Evolution. He really has for the most part always done what is “best for business” long before he put on a suit and got involved with his wife Stephanie. The heel role he plays on Raw plays off an image or believed reality about him that simply isn’t true. At least not to the degree it is portrayed on the internet or at this point in his career.

He is far closer to being Vince McMahon these days, than he is to being worried about his wins and loses and number of titles he has earned. His work and comparison between his creation of NXT and that of current WWE might be a glimpse into the future with him in charge or working along side his wife in charge. He seems to be much more open to changing his ideas of the past and looking at guys based on their merits as performers. Vince McMahon seems to have a much more “cookie cutter” idea of what he wants and seldom will deviate from his plans. His amount of success is obvious and without question. He has also had his fair share of failures too. Never afraid to take a gamble though, as proof by the WWE Network that has been a huge look to the future of how we will consume content.

It is a fact, that Paul has been an in-ring performer at a very high level and built his way to being that, and perhaps makes him more able to relate too and have talent learn from and grow from. Vince seems a bit more inflexible and in all honesty a bit more of an intimidating presence, that thrives on confrontation to some extent. He also as he grows older seems a little more out of touch with things and why certain people get over with the audience.

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The one thing that has been said by every person that I have ever heard talk about Vince McMahon is his tireless and at times ruthless ability to work. This is something that at some point has to give as he gets on in years. Paul has a very hard work ethic as well, it might not be to level of Vince, but he might be the only guy to come close.

If he is to one day be the guy with that final say that Vince McMahon still to this day holds it might be a good thing for the future of this company. Some point to his success with NXT as proof of that. What remains to be seen is if he has full control of things could he translate that on a much larger canvas with the WWE’s global empire and reach.

It is not like Vince is going anywhere tomorrow, but if you look at the things happening down in Florida as some indicator of where the future is heading it seems to be in good hands with Paul Lévesque at the controls.

He in a strange way like all the talents at NXT is waiting for his opportunity. For him that is to have that final say and control of this company from a creative point of view. They often say that 6 feet between where the assistant coach and head coach sit or stand is the toughest transition in pro sports. To be the President and have the final say on decisions that will impact on lives is not a job many would want. He who wears the crown has a heavy burden. Who better than someone with the wrestling persona that includes being called the “King of Kings,” to know this?

So NXT might not just be a glimpse into the future in terms of in ring performers, but into how this company will be run at the end of the day. The fact that Vince has groomed Paul for this and basically left him on his own to run all things connected to the NXT brand and development center, is a indication of the faith and trust Vince has in him. He did after all accept him into his family something that likely had its challenges to have a wrestler dating and eventually marrying his daughter. If he was ok with that, the idea of him running the company Vince built and is his life’s work seems to be something Vince has encouraged and is willing to see happen.

Paul Lévesque will be at some point the most important person in the wrestling business and it is a challenge I think he both embraces and is ready for.

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