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WWE Raw Review 6/2/2014: Evolution Grows

John Cena and Stephanie McMahon

After a surprisingly solid WWE Payback Sunday Night, Raw looked poised to deliver new creative direction for WWE. So did it break the recent Monday night funk? Read on to find out…


You know why Triple H is still all over your TV every week? Because he’s still one of the best active talkers. His rant against The Shield was picture-perfect heel ego. He was possesed. And with Randy Orton’s reluctance, along with Batista’s championship infatuation, made the segment unpredictable. So seeing Batista quit wasn’t surprising – but it wasn’t surprising. Is he gone for good? Who knows? I’m just disappointed we never got to see heel Bluetista come into his own.

WWE is killing Damien Sandow, and also killing me in the process. I’ll be happy when Triple H takes over so this garbage stays out of my Monday nights.

Stephanie’s “either/or” decision about the WWE World Heavyweight Championship makes no sense. She should strip Bryan of the title. Heel authority figures should have no sympathy – especially when they have the 30-day title rule for leverage. Luckily, John Cena’s presence helped erase the logic gap (and Cena even got a few more cheers). But I think WWE needs to make a creative decision and stick with it.

The Shield, Evolution, Seth Rollins… what can I say? I assumed this feud was over. But seeing Rollins turn on his partners was a shocking moment, and the spark these five men needed to carry this rivalry out one more pay-per-view. Kudos to WWE for dropping my jaw. Most importantly, it looks like WWE has serious aspirations for Rollins. Good – I was worried he’d wind up the odd man out once The Shield disbanded.


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Good tag effort from Sheamus, Cesaro, Barret, and Rob Van Dam. Nothing fancy here, but always happy to see these four men on the card.

I wish WWE would’ve let Kane and John Cena actually fight to a conclusion. This show needed some legitimate wrestling, with an honest finish, but instead they took the easy way out. I know that neither man needed to lose… so don’t pair them together. And, surprisingly, I was vested in John Cena. Who knew?

Great match between The Wyatts and The Usos. I think the victory here means Harper and Rowan won’t end up with the tag team titles, but I’m excited to see these guys square off again nevertheless.

Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio put together an honest effort in the five minutes they had. Good chemistry, but I think it’s unfortunate that Ziggler has to lose for Del Rio to win. BOTH of these men should be at MITB. They’re both former briefcase winners. Isn’t there a “legacy” stipulation somewhere?


What is Cody Rhodes doing? Auctioning his brother off to the highest mid-card bidder? I’m slightly intrigued by this storyline, but only slightly.

Rusev needs more than silly ceremonies to get over with the fans.

WWE RAW can be good, like last night, but the pacing of three-hour shows leaves a lot to be desired. Also, leaving less than five minutes for the main event kind of spoils that you’re going for a big angle. Just sayin’.

Overall Rating: 7 Russian Gold Star Medals out of 10

Enjoyable show. Entertaining Raw. Did everything hit home? Nope. But the show’s ending has me psyched to see what comes next. That counts for something.

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