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Adam Cole Leading Ring Of Honor To Live Pay-Per-View

AdamColeBeltSIrusAdam Cole has been a guest on Between the Ropes several times, but this was my first time getting to talk with the Ring of Honor World Champion. It is a busy time for Adam as he and Ring of Honor are getting ready for their debut on live pay-per-view on June 22nd. That was one of the first questions I had for Cole on if he feels any added pressure heading into such a big event for the company.

“Ring of Honor has always been based on being a team and I think that is why we have been so successful. In many cases if we are looking big scale here. Ring of Honor is kind of the ‘Little Engine That Could’.  It is a bunch of young hungry athletes that believe in Ring of Honor and believe in the product. Our fans feel the exact same way. So it is very much a team effort.”

However, Cole also adds, “But as the champion, of course, there is a little added pressure to deliver, because you’re the guy who is face of the company, you are at the head of the ship. So going into this pay-per-view there will be a lot of pressure, but there is a lot pressure on me all the time and I welcome that. That is something that comes with being the champion. To me it is one of the perks because I feel I do best under pressure. On June 22nd on that pay-per-view will be no different.”

Adam Cole is a guy that really is a fit for his role as champion and is coming into his own. He admits that he did not have much confidence early on in his career. Those days are long gone though as he really oozes confidence both on screen and in the ring as a performer and in a much more friendly and nice way off the screen in settings like interviews.

In fact, I asked the obvious question of how someone who is such a genuinely nice person able to be such a hateable jerk on television. It just doesn’t seem a part of his character as a human being.

“Well I think is why I enjoy playing that bad guy heel Adam Cole that I do. For that 20 minutes that the camera and lights are on and I am in that ring. I get to play somebody who is completely different. That is a lot of fun for me. I think to the idea of controlling an audience as heel, is a lot more fun and a lot more entertaining. Working with a baby face and seeing what the crowd wants and seeing when the crowd wants to get really excited and me as bad guy Adam Cole gets to take that away from them. It’s just a really fun ride to go on.  It’s similar to a movie or live theatre. It’s just an enjoyable process of our job where I get to be this big jerk. I really enjoy it.”

He holds a title that has been held by a great number of successful people that have gone on to greater success after holding it which means a lot to him.  “It’s very humbling. I was a giant fan of Ring of Honor in middle school and high school. I use to watch guys like CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, Nigel McGuiness, Tyler Black and Samoa Joe and just would be in awe of these guys. I remember going to Ring of Honor shows and being just so excited to be there, with the crowd interaction and just the match quality that these guys put on and just absolutely wowed and blown away. So, for me to now to fall in this category with these gentleman that have held this championship is a huge honor. There are a lot of big shoes for me to fill. But like I said it is a job I am willing to but the work into it has been a lot of fun.”

At “Best in the World” Cole will be facing Michael Elgin, a big test for him.  “Michael Elgin is the strongest guy I have ever been in the ring with for sure. There are times where he throws me around like a rag doll and there is nothing I can do about.”

Cole also pointed out the agility of his opponent and refers to him as “hybrid athlete” which makes him a great challenge to Cole’s title reign. He sees this as a battle between number one and two in the company with him of course being number one.

This only scratches the surface of our interview as we talked about his experiences in “Pro Wrestling Guerilla” where he recently lost his championship there to Kyle O’Riley. He talks about his relationship with Kevin Steen and the Young Bucks and how they helped his career. Plus, he shares his thoughts on Ring of Honor and this idea of being number two company in North America. Just a great jam packed 40 minute interview that covers a lot of ground. So if you would like to hear it all check it out on Condo on the Moon.

Adam has been busy doing a ton of press leading up to this big moment for Ring of Honor making their debut on live pay-per-view from Nashville. The clock is counting down fast to June 22 and the card is shaping up nicely. Cole promises that Ring Of Honor will deliver if you chose to make the investment to check out the show. I believe the man and think he has a very bright future, as well as the company he is champion for.

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