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WWE Raw Review 6/9/2014: Daniel Bryan’s Fate Decided

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After weeks of back-and-forth storyline, the WWE World Heavyweight Championship fate became reality. Plus, a loaded in-ring show. Did WWE RAW deliver last night?


Triple H and Stephanie McMahon opening up the show is commonplace. When my phone buzzed at around 4:45 yesterday afternoon promising a “major announcement,” I knew the championship was going away. Luckily, these two made the segment worthwhile. Stephanie’s snark is enough to make even the most jaded fan turn against her. And Triple H’s audience command is unmatched. I’m glad they addressed the Brie Bella situation (“oh well!”). Plus, they set the stage for Seth Rollins and The Shield later in the evening.

The Shield came out and said their peace, with Reigns and (especially) Ambrose delivering effective promos. However, Seth Rollins stole the show. His interview segment with Michael Cole was captivating, and told an effective next chapter in this feud. He delivered the heel of all heel reasons – selfishness. Rollins was only looking out for himself, and playing dumb to the audience (“what do you mean you don’t understand why I’m looking out for myself?”) was pitch-perfect. The “evolution” of Seth Rollins. I love it.

We’re calling what Damien Sandow was a match, not a segment. And it was terrible. Again. Between Sandow, Ziggler, and Kingston, I think it’s safe to call the late-2000s youth movement a wash.


What about that showcase between Sheamus and Wade Barrett? I hate commercial breaks during the match because they kill momentum for viewers at home. Still, Sheamus and Barrett delivered down the stretch, and proved that both deserve to be in Money in the Bank. Right call or wrong call? I’d always go with the established “veteran” here. I’m just happy they were both given time to work.

Cesaro and RVD did something. It was… something. I’m kind of over the ECW Original by this point.

Paige delivered another victory, and it was great to see the Divas Champion get screen time. Unfortunately, putting your divas bout in the home-stretch (aka hour three) just means the fans are too checked out to care.

The main event, seeing The Shield plus John Cena take on The Wyatt Family and Seth Rollins, proved entertaining, but uneventful. Look, six man tags are standard fare these days. I get it. And we’ve seen so many of them that matches like this – while serviceable – feel more like time-filler than anything else. At least Rollins didn’t take the pin.

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I need more incentive to watch shows other than Raw. Whatever happened to that daily WWE show?

JBL is about to see my fist meet his face if he doesn’t shut-up. He’s SO annoying. That match with Sandow, where he was selling it better than he ever sold for John Cena, made me throw up a little.

There’s still questions that need to be answers about Money in the Bank. I’m okay with a seven-man ladder match, but does that mean the other briefcase is still in play also? Or is it one ladder match exclusively this year? I’m hoping it’s the former – the briefcase gives WWE some built-in late-Summer drama every year, something the company desperately needs right now.

Overall Show: 4 MitB particpants out of 7

Fast-paced show with a few really strong segments. And the build between The Shield/Seth Rollins from beginning of show to end of show was handled surprisingly well. Raw needs more consistent storylines like this.

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