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ROH Best In The World Live Results: New World Champion Crowned

June 22nd,2014

Nashville, Fairgrounds

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This will be the site of some history for Ring Of Honor as they hold their first PPV here and it is the same place that promotion they compete with TNA started years ago. Here we go with history and show opens with a montage mixing both the past and the present. Really well done and looks very high end good stuff. The crowd is hot right off the bat at chanting ROH and followed that by a Best in the World Chant.

Opening Match: ROH World TV Title #1 Contender Six Man Mayhem Match:

ACH vs BJ Whitmer vs. Caprice Coleman vs. Tadarius Thomas vs. Takaaki Watanabe vs. Tommaso Ciampa

All six introduced and the last to enter was Tommaso Ciampa the former T.V Champ seems to be the crowd favourite. Match will star with ACH and Ciampa in the ring. The other four are on the outside and can tag in at anytime. This is kind of like a Mexican Lucha match in the way the rules are a little confusing but will roll with it. ACH remains in and he has faced Ciampa, Coleman and Whitmer.

Crowd getting on Whitmer chanting “B.J Sucks” thus far this has been a slow pace for what on paper seemed like it would be competed at a much faster pace. Ciampa has been cut open and Whitmer sent him into guard rail. Coleman earlier had a two count. Ciampa hit his ” Project Ciampa on both Coleman and ACH but could not get a pin as Whitmer broke it up.

ACH took out everyone on the outside and than pins his former tag partner after a 450 splash for the win.

Winner: ACH #1 Contender

After the match Whitmer and Steve Corino got into a shoving match.

World TV Title Match: Champion Jay Lethal defends vs Matt Taven

Lethal and Martini do not come out alone as Seleziya Sparx is also at ring side as well. This gets around the fact that Truth will be handcuffed at ringside.Back and forth match Lethal hits his Savage Elbow that he calls “Hail to the King” only good enough for a two count. Taven gets a brain buster for a near fall of two. Lethal goes for suicide dive gets kicked. Taven than goes and does two suicide dives and on second takes out Sparx and Lethal and now looks to go after Martini. He goes to pay off a security guy for some reason. Sparx is back to her feet she some how gets Martini out of cuffs they run to back. Taven after wasting all that time gets nailed with Lethal Injection for the three count.

Lethal Retains T.V Title Via Pinfall

Match Three- Submission Match: Roderick Strong vs Cedric Alexander

Alexander refused the “Code of Honor” at the start of the match and Alexander is getting the better of Strong in the early going. Announcers Kelly and Corino make the point that Alexander in not a submission wrestler. Corino reveals that Cedric tells him he has a plan. Thomas and Page have accompanied Strong to the ring but have yet to be involved. Strong hit a spinbuster of sorts on the apron of the ring and gets Alexander back in the ring.

Strong has dominated and now applies the Camel Clutch looking to get a submission and end this but Alexander breaks out of the hold. Alexander landed a kick to a falling Strong that has turned the momentum in this match for the moment. Strong ended up on the outside Alexander flew over the ropes took out Thomas and Page but Strong avoided it. Alexander hits Strong with a couple drop kicks in the corner he gets him to ground applies a dragon sleeper but Strong escapes. Both men were down and were being counted not sure why with it being a submission match. Alexander had some kind of front face lock submission but Strong got to the ropes for a break. Alexander hit a move on the top that smashed his Strong’s back on the buckle. He hits a lumbar check and than the Strong Hold which is a version of a leg lock.

Alexander wins by Tap Out

After match Strong refuses to shake hands and leaves.

Match Four: Briscoes vs Matt Hardy and Mike Bennett with Maria

Matt Hardy is booed quite loudly as he and Nick Searcy enter. I am told Searcy is some big deal in T.V that I am not aware of. Corino meantime claims Matt Hardy invented pay per view and in fact created the world. Crowd is no shock very pro Briscoe brothers. Match starts with Bennett and Mark Briscoe in the ring.Bennett is taking a beating early from first Mark and now Jay who are isolating him in their corner.

Bennett Finally lands a drop kick and tags Hardy and fans are chanting things at Matt Hardy that I can not repeat in this forum. Needless to say ROH fans are convinced this is he last they will see of Hardy and believe he will be gone to TNA. That remains to be seen but fans have made up their mind about what they think. Briscoes quickly get advantage on Hardy as well as they have had I would say 95% of the offensive moves in this match. Bennett blasted one of the Briscoes with the Iconic Title and the match is ruled a DQ.

Nigel McGuinness comes out after Jay Briscoe asks from him to give the people what they want. He does just that re-starting the match making it a no disqualification affair. Bricoes continued to dominate until Maria got involved and took a chair from Mark and Mike laid out Mark with another chair. Matt Hardy brings a ladder into the mix and the ring side looks like a home depot at the moment. Mark Briscoe lands a Cactus Jack like elbow to Matt Hardy who ended up laid out on the floor. Briscoes hit a “Doomsday Device” to Bennett on the floor. Briscoes lay waste to Searcy who tried to get involved earlier and he paid for it. Maria got I believe a low blow on Jay Briscoe and “Twist of Fate,” But only a two count. Mark Briscoe his an elbow from the top rope to take out Bennett through a table.

Jay Briscoe hit Hardy with fire extinguisher spray to face on top of ladder from there he suplexed him through a table of the ladder and if that wasn’t enough he hit him with a Jay Driller. Briscoe had taken the Iconic Belt but Maria stole it and ran off to the back.

Jay Briscoe Pins Matt Hardy

There was a package that showed how Bennett and Cole attacked Elgin and cut his hair and attacked his wife. Than a new wrestler named Moose who apparently is a former NFL Player is interrupted by Veda Scott who tries to recruit him using he success with R.D Evans. Moose doesn’t say yes or no just that he is here to watch the show.  Kind of a bad segment for a pay-per-view to be honest.

Match Five:  Silas Young vs Kevin Steen

Is this the last time we will see Kevin Steen in ROH it may be answered tonight, it might not, but his match is now. Steen looks into the camera and says that you are looking at the future of pro wrestling. The ring is filled with more streamers than I have ever seen. Crowd already chanting for Steen and we haven’t even started. Steen drops Young with an uppercut and was going for cannonball but young got out of ring. Steen followed him out and is beating the heck out of him on the outside.

Young finally fights off Steen and kicks him into the guard rail. Young starts pounding away on Steen and is slowing down the pace of the match. Young stomping and dropping elbows leads to a couple two counts. Steen hits a powerbomb to back off Young for the moment and Steen gets back in charge. A Randy Orton style DDT on Young who was on the apron and comes in the hard way.

Steen missed to attempts for the package piledriver fail to get attempted. He ends up in the ropes and gets kicked to the ring. He recovers and hits the corner cannonball. Young got Steen down and did a headstand and than dropped springing off the ropes but never completed for whatever it was suppose to be. He lands a back breaker instead and gets a two count.

That was as close as he would get Steen countered on a top rope move and it set up Steen to land his Package Piledriver that he likely will not be able to take with him to the WWE. Crowd after the match chants thank you Steen. Kevin has a match and cuts a promo on Young and puts him over despite the loss. Steen acknowledges that his contract is about to end and he claims he is going to stick around and enjoy the few matches he has left in the month and a half. Steen is attacked by Young and we end with some doubt on if we just saw Steen’s last match or not. But the timeline Steen referenced does suggest he will be heading to WWE developmental on August 1st as it has been reported. Prior to attack Steen thanked all the fans.

Steen wins via Pinfall

ROH Tag Team Titles: Daniels and Kazarian vs RedDragon:

ReDRagon now come out with banner like UFC Fighters with I believe fake sponsors still really funny. Early on Daniels and O’Reilly putting on quite the clinic in the ring. Kaxarian and Daniels took control and hit Bobby Fish with 3 consecutive moonsault’s off the ropes. Fish would see a chance on the outside and smashed Kazarian’s arm into the guard rail. This would be a turning point and ReDragon have isolated Kazarian.

Hot tag to Daniels who cleans house on both members of ReDragon and hits Fish with cross-body for a two count. ReDragon eventually get back in charge with the two on one advantage for the moment. The get a two count but can’t finish the job. Daniels hits a dive to the outside and Kazarian is back in the fight again but basically fighting with one arm. Kazarian got nailed but a cross-body over the top rope by Fish. Eventually everyone is laid out and we get a count. Daniels and Fish trading blows and Daniels getting the better of it. Daniels hit “Angels Wings but O’Reilly makes the save. ReDragon laid was to Daniels on the outside Kazarian hit a move from the top rope but injured his arm. He gets the cover anyway but Fish pulls out the ref. ReDragon get a two count but O’Reilly went straight to the cross-armbreaker and they get the submission victory.

ReDRagon win via Tap-Out and Retain ROH Tag Team Titles.

Main Event: ROH World Heavyweight Title

Adam Cole (Champion) vs Michael Elgin

Cole in his entrance like Steen, talked to the camera and said he will say it one last time that he is “The Best In The World” and he is going prove it. Crowd is fairly split in this one despite all the nasty stuff Cole has done in the build up to this match including the new hairstyle for Elgin.Cole early on taking the advantage but he made a mistake diving to the outside coming up empty. Cole had a chair wasn’t able to use it and Elgin answers with a discuss punch on the outside. Smashed Cole into the guard rail and puts Cole back in the ring.

Pretty surprised that the crowd is so 50/50 for this match. It has been an even back and forth match-up to this point. Elgin went for a suplex but Cole countered and landed a brainbuster of sorts but only good enough for two. Elgin shows his crazy strength lifting Cole from the apron to the top rope and hitting him with a Falcon’s Arrow all in one continuous motion. Cole comes back from that and hits his “Florida Keys” Suplex for a two count. Adam Cole laid out Todd Sinclair the Ref with Superkick and he is out. Elgin hit his buckle bomb but no ref. Bennett, Hardy and Maria hit the ring. Elgin gave the “Irish Curse” to both Bennett and Hardy and than power bombed Cole out of the ring on to Bennett and Hardy. Like amazing he chucked him like a dart.

Maria gets up on the Apron and Elgin could lay a hand on her. She slaps him has a change of heart and Bennett nails Elgin and lays him out with the belt. Hanson and Rowe the tag team War Machine get Bennett and Hardy out of the picture. Sinclair is back around and counting out Elgin. He gets to 19 and Elgin roles in as it is a 20 count in ROH to get counted out. Maria is still out their and tosses belt to Cole. Michif who is Elgin’s wife and sprays mist in Maria’s eyes. They are gone and Elgin hits his powerbomb. Crowd thinks he won and streamers fly but he has not the match goes on.

There is like 10 minutes left before the clock strikes 11 pm on this pay-per-view and we are still going strong. Elgin has an injured leg after a figure four around the post and in the ring.  Cole got a near fall of two but no dice. Elgin Powerbomb’s Cole 3 consecutive times and gets the pin and the ring again fills with streamers from the New and only 20th ever RING OF HONOR WORLD CHAMPION!

Michael Elgin Wins Via Pinfall and is your NEW ROH WORLD CHAMPION

Have to give it to Ring of Honor they promised a better presentation and they delivered. The show to me started off pretty slow but once that match with the Briscoes and Bennett and Hardy was re-started this show seemed to really take off. Based on what we saw tonight it likely is the last we are going to see of Kevin Steen most likely. It was a proud night for Ring of Honor and for the most part I think they delivered the goods. Was it as good as Global Wars or War of Worlds? Probably not but it was a solid show that they can be proud of and build on.

Give me 7 Thank You Kevin Steen’s out of 10 on this first effort on Live PPV for Ring of Honor.

The question will be how many people watched and the next time ROH decides to this can they grow on whatever that number will be. Adam Cole may not have won tonight but he worked his butt off promoting this event and you can bet he will get another shot and his belt down the line.

This was fun and somewhat historic. We have a new fancy site, Ring Of Honor had new fancy digs for the event it was a fun night and I was happy to be a part of it.

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