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WWE Money in the Bank (2014) Review

Going into last night’s Money in the Bank (2014) Pay-Per-View, there was a lot of speculation about who would emerge as champion – and what that means for the future of WWE. Fans always love the matches. But could they love the show, even if their favorites didn’t win? Read on for our two-cents…



So Daniel Bryan might be out longer than we originally feared. That sucks. I am very worried about The Yes Movement’s future. While the Boston crowd might’ve popped off for Bryan, his ability to maintain that momentum in the face new rising stars

Speaking of rising stars, Bo Dallas looked fantastic in the pre-show. His character is (surprisingly?) getting over. That “pain-in-the-neck” comment? Priceless. And while Daniel Bryan still looked best by putting Dallas in his place, it was smart of WWE to not completely bury Dallas here.

Damien Sandow came out and did some stuff. It was dumb. Like everything creative has planned for him recently, it was dumb. My network stream cut out so I couldn’t even watch it… but I’m sure it was dumb.

Stephanie’s interactions with Brie and Nikki in the back was a smart way to remind fans that, yes, there’s another person involved in this Bryan saga, and leads me to believe there might be more in Brie’s future than simply just being “Missus Daniel Bryan.”



People love to hate The Usos. Why? I guess because they teamed with John Cena at one point, or because people under the age of ten actually know who they are. But their standard “you can’t wrestle” John Cena-inspired tirades simply don’t cut it when Jimmy & Jey deliver exciting matches week-after-week. Their pairing here with The Wyatt Family turned out better than I expected. Yes, The Usos won – because they’re the hottest tag-team in WWE right now, and Vince doesn’t like to leave money on the table. Deal with it. Also, recognize that it took like, 15 bazillion moves to keep Rowan down. Nobody lost anything here.

Ladder match number one stole the show, even without Bad News Barrett. It’s obvious that Ambrose and Rollins were the heart of this story, but a few great spots from Kofi Kingston, Rob Van Dam, and (yes) even Jack Swagger brought this thing to life. For half a second I almost believed Kingston could walk out with the briefcase… almost. I think Rollins as the briefcase holder makes a ton of sense, and there definitely were shades of Triple H when he was atop the victory ladder. Still, the number of crazy bumps he had to take to get there had me a little concerned about Money in the Bank as a concept. Glad he didn’t get hurt.

What made the WWE World Heavyweight Championship ladder match so great was that it differentiated itself from how the young guns did business earlier. Seeing all six men climb the same ladder was an awesome moment. Then, the amazing tilt-o-whirl triple-ladder had my jaw on the ground. Did Vinny Mac finally recognize his organization’s place among all the great three-ring circuses? Maybe.

Let’s talk about that John Cena win briefly… yes, your “Rise Above Hate,” “You Can’t See Me,” jhort-wearing, hat-tossing, baby-kissing, primary-color sporting, muscle-bound prototype poster-boy reclaimed his spot atop WWE. But give him credit – he’s taken a backseat for almost seven months now, and Vince McMahon defaults to Cena during times of crisis. Duh. If it sets up a Lesnar-Cena match for SummerSlam, I can handle it, especially if Cena does the job in two months. Consider this: Lesnar vs. Cena is a heavyweight-level match. Lesnar vs. Orton/Reigns/Kane/Wyatt sounds like something ripe for WWE Capitol Punishment.



Man, I miss Josh Matthews. Nothing against Renee Young but… she just doesn’t have the experience of her predecessor.

It was great to see Christian again as part of the all-star panel! Man, I’m such a peep.

That third hour stretch of the Pay-Per-View had too much padding. It felt like RAW, which isn’t good.

I guess “Preacher Man” Big E is going to have a dream soon.


Overall Show: 6 MITB Participants out of 7

No Bad News Barrett, no new champion, and a little too much “play it safe” mentality. Still, the show was super entertaining. Those ladder matches were money (get it?) and everybody performed at their best level. Great show.

How did you feel about last night’s Money in the Bank? Sound off in the comments below, and give it a grade here.

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