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WWE Raw Review 6/30: Chris Jericho and AJ Lee Make Waves

Money in the Bank was surprisingly entertaining. So WWE RAW last night was tasked with following a fan-favorite Pay-Per-View, while also setting up WWE Battleground a mere three weeks away. Was the show red hot? Did Seth Rollins deliver the goods? Read on to find out…



Opening up with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon confronting John Cena helped set the stage. Triple H was (again) masterful here, mocking John Cena for all the right reasons, and challenging Cena from an authoritarian perspective. It was logical. And Cena held his own without pandering to the women and kids. Plus, with the WWE 2k15 cover announcement, it still managed to be a newsworthy segment.

WWE Raw rolled into hour two with a surprising Jack Swagger face-turn. Good. Jack Swagger has been a heel pretty much his entire WWE career, and quite honestly, this ‘Real Americans’ schtick has gotten stale. Maybe a little patriotism will be enough to remind me why I used to like Swagger – and also make me care about Rusev, for once.

Damien Sandow was genuinely entertaining as Vince McMahonDow. Unfortuantely, Great Khali had to ruin it… like he ruins everything. Including that WWE Battleground battle-royale.

Hyping The Miz’s return in such a subtle way made him feel like a superstar. And yes, he was upstaged by Chris Jericho – but I’m okay with that for a couple of reasons. One, they still highlighted The Miz’s new persona in a unique way. Two, The Miz wasn’t buried here (even if he did feel like an afterthought). And three, seeing Jericho return in such a surprising way helped make The Miz’s return not be a letdown after all the hype. While I was hoping for Miz vs Jericho, it looks like we’re getting Jericho vs. Wyatt at Battleground. I’m good either way.

Surprise, after surprise, after surprise… AJ Lee returned and basically flipped the script. It was good to see WWE still has faith in her (despite the last name change), and watching her beat Paige in the same way she lost the Diva’s championship created a fun dynamic. Plus, it looks like these ladies flipped face/heel roles. Good. Paige had grown pretty stale in recent months.

Incredible how the end of WWE Raw convinced me Seth Rollins was walking out with the gold. What a great set up for his Money in the Bank run. Plus, the reminder that Ambrose is ever-waiting makes me excited for their Battleground showdown. Will they fight for the briefcase? I hope.



Seth Rollins and RVD gave us an entertaining opening bout. Good way to promote Rollins by having him defeat a previous Money in the Bank holder.

The Wyatt Family vs The Usos and Sheamus was a great filler match. Not much to it. Still, entertaining.

Weird that Kofi Kingston vs Cesaro felt like my letdown of the evening. WWE Raw had a lot going for it, so maybe that clouded my judgement a little, but this match had me reaching for the remote.

Dolph Ziggler looks like he’s entering a feud with Fandango… ugh… but at least he got another victory. Any Ziggler is good Ziggler.

The main-event was short and sweet. What more could you want?


Other Thoughts

I’m counting four heel/face turns (Jack Swagger, The Miz, and Paige/AJ Lee). That’s pretty big for one show.

Randy Orton had twelve staples… Bad News Barrett is out for “a few months”… Cesaro injured his eye last night. Maybe WWE should re-think its current work schedule?

Where was Del Rio? Poor guy.

John Cena is the right guy for the championship right now because he has natural heat. He’s not playing a “character” who people boo. People literally hate John Cena, so they’ll tune in because they’re angry (like how ratings for Fox News went up when Barack Obama was elected President). Best for business?

WHAT THE HECK, WWE? That ‘Twisted’ commercial was awful. Also, totally not appropriate for ‘PG’ programming. It made me feel… uncomfortable… (and not just because I dislike Rose).


Overall Show: 2k15 out of 2k15

What a show! Not only was it newsworthy for multiple reasons, the pace made three hours fly by. Not only the best WWE Raw of 2014 (so far), it’s the best Raw we’ve had in years. Best of all? They did it without Daniel Bryan, Bad News Barrett, CM Punk, and Brock Lesnar.

What did you think about last night’s show? Was it near-perfect? Make your opinion count in the comments below!

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