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Kevin Steen Announces Final Ring of Honor Matches

It was back on May 17 at the Ring of Honor “War of the World” iPPV when Kevin Steen announced that he was leaving the company.  His contract with the company officially ends before the end of August.  But before that, he still has three matches left which he says the company let him handpick.

On July 12 in Hopkins, MN, he will square off against Tommaso Ciampa.  It’s the first meeting between the “Sicilian Psychopath” and Steen in a one-on-one affair as Ciampa takes on his mentor.

Then on July 18 in Cincinnati, OH Steen will face his archenemy Silas Young in a no-DQ match.  These two last met in the ring at the “Best in the World” PPV a few weeks back with Steen getting the win but getting jumped from behind by Young afterwards while speaking to the audience.

His final match is set for July 19 in Dearnborn, MI against Steve Corino.  The two of them have a long history together as both friend and foe so it makes a lot of sense that this would be his final opponent.

There has been plenty of talk that once Steen wraps up with ROH, he will headed to the WWE and begin training at their performance center in Orlando, FL.  Yet, nothing is definite on that.   He would still have to take and pass a physical before the WWE would bring him in.

Another thing is that it’s his contract that expires with ROH and he could easily take some time off and before signing a new deal and making his return.

He could certainly be moving onward and upward to the WWE but keep an eye out for his next move.

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