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WWE Raw Review 7/7: Can Seth Rollins Beat John Cena?

Last night on WWE Raw, we crossed the border, yet managed to stay on this side of the pond. Still, things were a little off. The Authority was absent, Seth Rollins took center stage, and John Cena still managed his infamous “mixed reaction.” But was the show any good? Read on to find out…



Roman Reigns is Vince McMahon’s latest golden goose. WWE let him open the show to get a little more comfortable in front of the audience, but he still flubbed a line or two. I’m not being critical here. I just think expecting him to be on-par with John Cena, Triple H, or even his Shield cohorts Rollins and Ambrose, is unrealistic. So focus on his strengths instead. We don’t need a 15-minute “Roman Reigns Soliloquy” opener. Let Reigns huff, puff, and knock a few people out to get his point across. Quit trying to make WWE Superstars something they’re not.

Uh, Nikki Bella vs. Alicia Fox? That whole thing was… weird. No match here, folks. Just Fox doing her best “crazy eyes” again. Groan.

Damien Sandow was in full-comedy mode last night, donning a leather jacket, pink tights, and his best “Excellence of Execution” impression. The Bret Hart stuff was fine… but I didn’t care that much (sorry, Canada) until Damien SandHart came out. I don’t like Sandow in a comedic/jobber role. But, I have to give credit to Sandow for delivering entertaining impressions each week. Is it hurting his longevity and credibility? For sure. But it’s what WWE wants, so I’ll find some way to enjoy it.

Thank goodness for Bo Dallas. His “you can do it!” heel-schtick is one of my favorite things about WWE programming these days, and his appearance on WWE Raw each week always adds just enough to make fans increasingly irate. The best part here? His victory lap where he steamrolled El Torito.

The show ended the exact same way it began – with Roman Reigns knocking out everybody. Like every week on WWE Raw. Like every time Reigns is in the ring. There was the whole “moment of respect” thing between Reigns and Cena, but having your two babyface heroes as the last men standing make your heels look incredibly weak. Le sigh.

Oh, and Rollins almost cashed in again! The Money in the Bank briefcase hasn’t been this exciting in years. It’s always more fun when a guy is trying to cash in to win his first World Championship (sorry, ROH).



If you look back at the card you might think, “WWE Raw was stacked last night!” Unfortunately, most of the matches only looked good on paper.

The Usos and Wyatt Family continue to have great chemistry, but momentum was just not in their favor last night. Maybe commercial breaks were to blame? Still, a few near-falls down the stretch brought everybody back to life.

Rusev vs. RVD was awful, and Dean Ambrose against Randy Orton never clicked. So yeah, Raw’s first hour was blehhh. I was even a little disappointed by Alberto Del Rio defeating Dolph Ziggler.

Fanboy alert: The Miz and Chris Jericho took home my “WWE Raw Match of the Night” honors. Not just because I’m a huge fan of both men (which I am), or because my hair looks like it was modeled after The Miz (which it wasn’t). These two had great chemistry. In fact, I’m more than a little bothered that this seems to have been a one-off contest, and that The Miz lost cleanly. Heel Miz = Money Miz. I hope the WWE creative team treats him properly.

I didn’t watch the Divas match. You’re welcome.

Kofi Kingston defeated Cesaro… for the second week in a row. Wow. I’m not sure why Vince McMahon has suddenly warmed up to Kingston, but I’m glad he has. Kingston is a great talent and is rising up my potential “winners of the IC Battle Royal” list.

Seth Rollins and John Cena got to main-even WWE RAW last night, and the company actually did a great job with hyping the contest. You knew it wouldn’t go long because of the start time. Still, both men got in enough offense to make a good showing, and it set up a hot closing to the show (especially between Rollins and Ambrose). I’ll take it.



Has anybody else noticed that Stephanie and Triple H seem to always miss WWE Raw when it’s out of the country?

I’ll say it again: The Miz in heel-tilt is MONEY.

Where was Santino Marella’s retirement speech?

I accused the production team of monkeying with audience noise, but I think the WWE Raw audio feed was just messed up. Blame Canada.


Overall Show: 5 Superman Punches out of 10

I lauded last week’s WWE Raw as one of the greatest in years. But what goes up must come down, and professional wrestling is no exception. It wasn’t awful. It was, however, dull and uninspired. Shucks.

Did you enjoy last night’s WWE RAW? Tell us why in the comments below!

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