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Big Return Coming at WWE Raw?

Just over a week ago, Chris Jericho made a surprise return to the WWE.  Could we see another one next Monday on WWE Raw?

That’s the word from Mike Johnson at PWInsider.com.  And the big return would be the former 16-time World Champion (Wooooo!) the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair.

Flair’s return has been rumored for months with several different scenarios being thrown around from him being the manager for The Miz (or Dolph Ziggler who he reportedly wanted to team with) to possibly being the Raw Commissioner.

According to the report, Flair has passed all of his medical tests that the WWE required he take before even considering his return.  He is set to be at Raw in Richmond, Virginia on Monday and then the Smackdown tapings in Fayetteville, NC on Tuesday.

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As for how Flair will be used, who knows at this point.  Maybe he will be the Raw Commissioner since there is an opening with Vickie Guerrero recently leaving the company while Brad Maddox is off stuck in a cave.

Maybe they will do something between Flair and John Cena who they have been touting as the greatest WWE Champion of all-time.  After all, he has now won the world title 15 times, just one title run less than Ric Flair in storyline (Flair has been the champ at least 18 times but who knows exactly how many times he has been the man).

Flair last appeared on WWE programming on April 28th edition of Raw where he gave an endorsement for The Shield before their match against Evolution.  This return is expected to be much more substantial and mark him coming back on a full-time basis.

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