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Sting Announced as Special Character in WWE 2K15

Ever since Sting tweeted out a cryptic message last week, people were trying to decipher exactly what it could mean.


Easy enough as it turned out to be the date for July 14, 2014 as expected.  And yes, Sting did in fact appear on WWE Raw.  Well, kind of.

It was announced that if anyone pre-ordered the upcoming WWE 2K15 video game, you would get a special player.  That turned out to be Sting.

That is one cool video showcasing Sting having to do anything associated with the WWE for the first time in his career.  Even though he is signed on for the game, it is believed that he still has not signed a WWE contract yet.  But him being involved in the game is a good sign that he could come to terms with the WWE in the near future.

As for what would happen then, who knows.  A match against The Undertaker at WrestleMania 31?  Maybe.  Who else could he face?  Maybe team with John Cena?  Or maybe he would just be featured on the WWE Network.

There’s plenty of different ways he could be utilized.  Regardless, it’s about time Sting made his way to the WWE.

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