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UFC Fight Night 46 Results: Ian McCall Controls Brad Pickett

Ian McCall and Brad Pickett have had the fiercest rivalry in the UFC flyweight division. They definitely showed it at Saturday’s UFC Fight Night 46.

The fight starts with both guys circling each other, feeling each other out. McCall lands an inside leg kick and Pickett counters with a left hook. McCall tries to throw a couple punches and then tries a takedown, but Pickett reverses and presses McCall against the cage. Pickett lands a low blow and McCall takes a second to recuperate.

Both exchange a few shots and get back to the middle of the octagon. McCall lands a body kick and Pickett counters with a left hand. McCall lands a straight left hand. McCall faints with a right hand and lands another left hand. Pickett presses McCall to the cage, but McCall reverses and lands a punch/kick combination.

Each guy is trading shots with no regard. Pickett lands a throwing right hand that drops McCall, but the round comes to a close.

BetweenTheRopes.com scores round one for McCall, 10-9.

The second round starts with Pickett missing a right hook and McCall misses a left hand. McCall lands a takedown, but Pickett hops right up and McCall lands a left hand. McCall then scores a heel-trip takedown, right into full mount.

Pickett is able to get into half guard and gets up a moment later. McCall lands a short uppercut and then another straight left hand. McCall lands a left hand and Pickett misses with a right. McCall throws a body kick, but Pickett catches it and lands a right hand. McCall attempts a left inside leg kick, but catches Pickett’s groin area.

Pickett tries for a left/right hook combination into a takedown attempt, but is stuffed by McCall. Pickett tries for a single leg takedown, but McCall blocks it and lands a left hand.

BetweenTheRopes.com scores round two for Pickett, 10-9.

The final round starts with McCall partially landing a body kick. Pickett attempting punches, but McCall is circling around them. Pickett then presses McCall against the cage, but McCall is landing some knees to the body. Both guys trade hooks.

McCall tries for a takedown and is stuffed by Pickett, who then scores a takedown of his own, but McCall gets right up. A moment later, McCall lands a takedown of his own. McCall gets the fight into side control, throwing some punches. McCall tries to get into full mount, but is back in side control of Pickett.

McCall landing punches to the head of Pickett as McCall tries to transition. Pickett gets up, but the bell sounds to end the fight.

BetweenTheRopes.com scores round three for McCall, 10-9. We await the judges’ decision.

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Ian McCall defeats Brad Pickett by unanimous decision (30-27×2, 29-28).

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