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WWE Raw Review 7/21: Road To Summerslam Begins

Last night was a WWE Raw event many had circled on their calendar. I am not just talking about our own Brian Fritz and Michael Wiseman who got a lot of face time sitting behind the announcer’s desk. I am talking because many had speculated this would be the night that Brock Lesnar would appear for the first time since the Raw after his historic win at Wrestlemania 30 over The Undertaker. The show would that segment, but also feature a McMahon being arrested and one trolling the internet fans.


There were only really three segments on this show that mattered. So lets focus on them.

Triple H came out or as his close friends like Randy Orton call him H. He took the opening of the show to make fun of all of us folks on internet and how we express our anger. The funny thing about what he had to say was a lot of it was fairly true of a certain type of wrestling fan. This said, with WWE in full “buy our network please mode,” I’m not sure this promo was a great idea. In any case, the real point to his promo was that tonight he was going to pick a number one contender to John Cena’s WWE world heavyweight championship for Summerslam. Orton would come out looking to be the guy, as would Kane and Roman Reigns which would lead to a handicap match and Triple H saying that tonight he would watch all the matches and consider who should be that number one contender.

As for Hunter’s wife, Stepahnie McMahon, she continues to have fun watching Nikki Bella suffer and ended up booking her in a 4 on 1 handicap match. It would lead to some excitement for males that we won’t get into that was not intended. What was is the fact Brie Bella was at ringside and would cause Stephanie to come out from the back. She would get into it with Brie by calling her a quitter and that this match with her sister getting beat-up was going to be her fault. Brie called Stephanie the b-word to which Stephanie returned and demanded she repeat what she said and attempted to have her removed from the building. Brie would grab the microphone from Stephanie again and call her that same word. The reaction of the guy next to Brie was quite priceless. This caused Stephanie to slap Brie and she in response tried to come over the guard rail to attack her, but she was kicked out of the building.

Nikki lost the 4 on 1 encounter and Stephanie was out later in the night to introduce music star Flo Rida to the audience. He did the exact same set of songs he did two years ago at WrestleMania 28 and after that Stephanie was seen having a heated conversation with two men at ringside. They were Miami cops sent to arrest her and in fact would take her away in handcuffs to the delight of the audience, including our own staff members encouraging this miscarriage of justice. As McMahon was being taken away, Hunter entered the scene trying to reason or strong arm the police who were having none of it. The arrest is of course for assaulting Brie and she would also appear as the cops dragged poor Stephanie away.

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Hunter originally was going to rush to his wife’s aid, but after a talk with Joey Mercury decided to remain at Raw and announce his choice to be number one contender. What becomes of this will be interesting should Stephanie be made aware of this. At the end of the night, Triple H would come out and before he could say anything Orton appeared and before he could make it to the ring Reigns cut him off.

Enter Paul Heyman with his “Plan C” as he said it he respected HHH, but he had to point out that despite Orton and Rollins being sound options that Reigns and Ambrose would always get in the way. So he urged him to go with the more risky “Plan C,” his client Brock Lesnar who came out to join Paul on the stage. The two would head to the ring and after considering it Triple H shook hands with Hyeman and Lesnar, so it was official now finally we get Brock Lesnar and John Cena for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Heyman would go on to cut an epic promo on Cena who was not there tonight as he was off filming a movie. Heyman is just a brilliant guy and it is a shame he isn’t able to be allowed to do this more often for guys.

One other minor note seems Kofi Kingston, Big E and a repackaged Xavier Woods are going to form some kind of “Nation of Nomination 2014” faction. This comes in the same week WWE was slammed in an article for their lack of diversity. Go figure why they feel need to respond like this. I am excited to see a heel Kingston though.


This was a segment based show but match wise it was memorable for one thing; Zack Ryder defeated Fandango with help from Summer Rae and Layla.

Other action saw:

Reigns pin Kane in handicap match as he was distracted by Orton who left Kane to take the loss.

Cesaro in an effort to join the Authority stated that he was through with Heyman. Triple H gave him a chance as he tried and failed to take out Dean Ambrose in a match.

Paige and A.J would win a tag match together leading to a big heel turn by Paige, who beat the hell out of Lee after the match. Who they faced I can’t even remember and it doesn’t even matter. All you were supposed to remember was the post match beat down complete with Paige skipping away.

The Miz was in action and started his long run of losing as the new Intercontinental Champion as he lost to Dolph Ziggler in all Cleveland contest in Miami.

Speaking of Cleveland and Miami, Sandow as Brian Fritz called days after the signing came out as Lebron James and faced of all people Bo Dallas in a very odd pairing. Dallas wins the match and keeps his streak going at 16 and BO for those keeping track.

Show Overall: 7 Stephanie slaps (Now illegal in state of Florida) out of 10.

I liked this show minus the awful Flo Rida singing and a few other minor things. It would appear we got a real good look at two feature matches for Summerslam. Lesnar vs. Cena and McMahon against Brie Bella is only a matter of time from happening now. After “Battleground”, that did little to advance much of anything as this Raw got things moving towards Summerslam in a hurry. Going do a typical Canadian thing that we do for hockey and give you the three stars for Raw:

  • 3: Roman Reigns: he continues to get the job done even when he was not a big feature of the show.
  • 2: Stephanie McMahon: This woman is just so brilliant at all she is asked to do on camera. I almost believed this woman was legitimately going to jail.
  • 1: Paul Heyman: He needs to teach the masters class in promos down at NXT as he is just a brilliant talker and better than anyone in this company. He is just so great there really isn’t enough words.

So it was a Raw worth watching and sets the bar high heading to Summerslam.

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