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WWE NXT Results 07/24/14: Rusev Invades NXT



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Welcome as we begin for you live coverage of NXT on Between the Ropes every Thursday so buckle up, it is a big night of action ahead. Tyler Breeze makes his return the ring, Charlotte Flair makes her second title defence and NXT Champion Adrian Neville takes on Rusev. The show opened with a package on the Divas Title match.

Night kicks off with The Ascension in action in tag team action against basically jobber one and two they were only described as local competitors, so the jobber one and two was not a joke.  NXT crowd firmly behind the Ascension doing the ” Ya Ya Ya” chants  and they make quick work of the unnamed tag-team. The line-up for the rest of night is laid out.

Winners: Ascension

Nothing to do with NXT, but a new ad promoting the network with John Cena and Brock Lesnar featured in it. But enough of that talk it is time for Tyler Breeze. Renee Young claims Breeze is returning from a hand modelling accident. His opponent is the annoying or endearing Mojo Rawley depending on your point of view. Breeze points out his injury. Mojo goes after him and this angers Breeze and Mojo took the “Beauty Shot” and it was over in mere seconds as it appears its the pushing of Mojo. They promote the NXT Women’s Championship Match will be up next.

Winner:Tyler Breeze

Charlotte holds up the belt and gives a little “WOOOO” and we’re off and running. Breaks down early to basically a catch fight and the two smack into each other and are down. Flair is first up and used her figure four headlock on Summer Rae. Charlotte smashes Summer’s head into mat few times and continues to apply pressure and show goes to break. Flair monkey flips her out of the hold don’t really understand why as she was in firm control. Summer does get the advantage and goes for a pin for only a two count. Summer is screaming at Charlotte that she made her. Summer Rae now has Charlotte in a body scissors and is controlling the champion. Charlotte escapes exchange of slaps and back slide by Flair for a two count. Summer applies a half “Boston Crab” does not get a submission nor does a pin get a three count. Spinning heel kick by Summer Rae only draws a two and crowd is out of this match doing the wave to entertain themselves. Charlotte hits “Bow down to the Queen” and nails it for the three count and a successful title defence.

Winner: Still Champion Charlotte Flair

A promo for Alexis Bliss, who I believe is Brian Fritz’s favorite NXT Diva. After that, a new entrance for the Vaudevillians. They will face Kalisto and Sin Cara in a match that was set-up on the last NXT show. Some nice team work from the new team of Sin Cara and Kalisto as they have had much of the early going. English finally gets a counter and is able to tag in Gotch. He is able to maintain advantage and tags in English who hits a neck breaker for a two count on Sin Cara. Momentum changes when Sin Cara is able to hit a one armed power bomb like move. He gets the hot tag to Kalisto and he is a flip over style neck breaker that looked very cool for the win.

Winners: Kalisto and Sin Cara

Lana cuts a promo on how America worships stars and Russia has heroes. She says Obama is just a star while Putin is a hero. Rusev also says some stuff in Russian and then in English says he is a super athlete. The match with Neville is a  non-title match we are told. Rusev dominating the match for the most part. Neville starts to turn the tables targeting the big Russian’s leg. Tyler Breeze came from out of no where and attacked Neville. Rusev would gain control, but Neville got him set up for the “Red Arrow” from the top rope only to have Breeze push him off top rope for the disqualification. Rusev post match slaps on his version of the “camel clutch” and leave Neville laying to the delight of Tyler Breeze

Winner: By DQ Adrian Neville

So that does it for our first live coverage of NXT as it is being broadcast live. This show featured a lot of the top talent in NXT and was pretty good overall. Seems they are trying to build up their lacking tag division which is sorely needed. So that is all for this week make sure to join us every Thursday for all the goods on NXT as it happens.

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