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No, Sheamus is your Father: WWE Superstar Rumored to Play Darth Vader in Star Wars

It looks like another WWE superstar could land in a mega-hit that has nerd alert written all over it.  Yes, Sheamus may be playing the role of Darth Vader in the upcoming Star Wars Episode 7 which is currently slated to hit theaters on December 18, 2015.


Today’s edition of the Irish Daily Mirror has an article theorizing that the Celtic Warrior could be playing the Lord Sith in the upcoming movie.  Sheamus just happens to be in Ireland right now and lo and behold, the crew of Episode 7 happens to be there shooting right now.  Another clue that the article mentions is Sheamus has previously played Darth Vader on promotional tours.

Sheamus even tweeted a picture of the article and had this to say about it:

That is what is called a non-denial denial.  And we haven’t seen the Irishman on WWE programming going back to the Battleground event over a week ago.  Since then, he was reportedly battling a bad case of the flu that kept him off TV last week and from starting a program with Rusev.  In fact, the two were advertised to square off on last week’s edition of Main Event but instead it was Jack Swagger in the match and continuing his feud with the Bulgarian Brute.

And some further proof that Sheamus is in Ireland right now: he’s been tweeting pictures of his trip.



There are some serious coincidences going on that make one believe this is more than just a rumor.  He would be just the latest WWE superstar to land a role in a major movie following in Batista as Drax the Destroyer in Guardians of the Galaxy (which comes out Friday) and The Rock in a bunch of movies including Hercules which is in theaters now.

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