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WWE NXT Results 08/07/2014: Tag-Team Madness


WWE NXT- Full Sail University , Florida

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Welcome to another night of WWE NXT action live on the WWE Network that cost as we all know from Monday $9.99. Tonight the NXT number one contender tag team tournament is featured on the card.Which  includes the main event with Adam Rose and Sami Zayn teaming to face Tyson Kidd and  Justin Gabriel.

Jason Jordan and Tye Dillinger taking on Enzo Amore and Collin Cassady. Enzo and Big Cass cut a promo heading to the ring that got a nice reaction from the crowd and the number one contender tournament is underway. Jordan and Dillinger to my surprise get the early edge in this one. Jordan and Dillinger actually double teamed on Cassady, kind of surprising, but he gets a take to Enzo who gets tagged as he enters. Things break down and Cassady took a shot instead of Enzo later he lands the big boot and throws a dazed Enzo on top for the 1-2-3.

Winners: Enzo and Amore by Pinfall (Advancing in the Tournament)

Promo backstage where Sami Zayn is with Renee Young and he claims to have no partner for the tag-team tournament and Tyson Kidd comes in and tries to make fun of Zayn. Adam Rose comes along and tells Sami not to fret as he will be his tag partner to which Zayn says he guesses he is a rosebud for the night and will face Kidd and his partner.

Up next we have a re-match from three weeks ago with C.J Parker against Xavier Woods. Match starts with Woods with a take down and fists and it is a much different Woods keeping in line with his new gimmick on the main roster, but same ring gear. Woods offence hits the skids as he goes into the post and rolls out, as we go to commercial. NXT crowd is chanting C.J’s garbage at Parker who has not been a favourite of NXT fans as face or a heel. Parker takes over out of the break being very aggressive in his attack on Woods. Parker locks on a nerve hold on the shoulder with a knee in the back. Crowd’s response is “this is boring” as they are continuing to ride Parker pretty hard. Woods hits a cross-body that Parker was able to counter into a pin for only a two count. Woods hit the “Honor Roll” but that only registered a two count. Woods went to the top rope leaping the length of the ring to land an elbow but again only a two count. Parker hit a move we have not seen from him before driving Woods to mat and getting the three count. Woods very frustrated by the loss.

Winner: C.J Parker by Pinfall

After the match we are told to view the tron and Tyler Breeze appears and after the events of last week Breeze proclaims it is time for him to challenge Neville for the title and move on to “Era of Gorgeous” after having that “Ugh-GO” Neville as champion.

Up next, Bayley will have her work cut out to get a good match out of Eva Marie who is booed rather loudly by the NXT faithful. Crowd was all over Eva Marie who did get some offensive moves in this match. It would end with “Belly-To- Bayley” for the win for Bayley to which drew “thank-you Bayley” chants. Crowd was chanting you can’t wrestle at Eva Marie most of the match.

Winner: Bayley by pinfall

Main event is up next with Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel against Sami Zayn and Adam Rose in the number one contender tag team tournament. Match starts with Kidd and Zayn and the “Ole” chants right off the bat. Tyson gets the early advantage on Zayn as he continues his transformation into a full out heel. Gabriel also going the “bad guy route,” as he is laying in fists to Rose. Fans not into Rose at all, with chants of we want Sami as Kidd and Gabriel cut off the ring and double team on Rose. Crowd eventually rallies behind Rose and he gets the “hot-tag” to Zayn who takes over and finishes is flurry with a dive to outside nailing Kidd. Rose got into the act with some high flying. He sends Gabriel into the ring who takes the big kick in the corner from Zayn which gives him the win.

Winners: Zayn and Rose by Pinfall (Advancing in the Tournament)

That was about all other than some dancing with rosebuds to celebrate the win.

Overall Show: $3.99 of my $9.99

Nothing to write home about on this show it was a good main event but beyond that a show that was pretty dull by the standards NXT normally sets. The crowd being so much against both Parker and Eva Marie didn’t help matters. It was a show that lacked any real sizzle and the tournament idea while a good one was not exactly helping this show. I have seen many NXT shows better than this one let’s just leave it at that.




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