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Kevin Steen Signs with WWE … Finally

It’s been a day of announcements for the WWE this morning.  First, the company made it official that the WWE Network has gone global.  Then came word that Kevin Steen has signed with the WWE with Triple H posting the news on Twitter.

It was more of a matter of when, not if, the former Ring of Honor champion would be headed to the WWE with the talk of him making the jump circulating for months now.  Here is the official announcement on WWE.com:

WWE has signed Canadian Superstar Kevin Steen to its NXT division. The burly, outspoken, Package Piledriving Quebec native, who bolts around the ring with equal parts grace and bad intentions, thrives on throwing fists and talking trash.
A 14-year veteran, Steen began training, with his parents’ approval, when he was a teenager. Possessing what no less than “Stone Cold” Steve Austin has described as a “hell of an arsenal,” Steen has earned many accolades in North America and abroad, including the Pro Wrestling Guerrilla and Ring of Honor heavyweight championships. In 2013, the magazine Pro Wrestling Illustrated ranked him 10th on its annual list of the world’s top 500 wrestlers.

As part of that feature on WWE.com, there was an interview with Steen where he stated that he will begin training at the Performance Center in Orlando on August 25 and will join NXT which is standard for any new signees.  He also went into being a zoo enthusiast! which he plans on continuing while traveling the planet for the worldwide leader.  He also responded to the notion by some people that he doesn’t fit the mold of a typical WWE superstar:

I actually didn’t, and that might be hard to believe for a lot of people. I’ve encountered a lot of people in my career that didn’t think I’d ever get to WWE, but I’m actually really proud to be an exception, which is what I’ve been pretty much my entire career, everywhere I’ve went. I’ve never been the norm and I take great pride in that, but I never doubted that I would get here eventually.

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There have been plenty of exceptions to people that you normally wouldn’t think would be your typical WWE star and have thrived, especially over the past decade.  So many people were worried that Daniel Bryan couldn’t stand out on that stage despite being a world class wrestler but he has excelled to the point he main-evented WrestleMania 30 which is amazing.  Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins are both doing great right now.  And just recently, they signed international standouts KENTA and Prince Devitt.

Speaking of that, NXT is quite stacked right now with Steen, KENTA, Devitt and Sami Zayn.  Those four alone will make any hardcore fan froth at the mouth and there plenty more talent there too right now.  Start imaging the dream matches for NXT alone and then the ones in the WWE once they get called up.

And here’s some advice for Steen from Stone Cold:

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