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Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio aka “The Boss” is Back in AAA

It was just a week ago when Alberto Del Rio was fired by the WWE for allegedly slapping WWE’s manager of Social Media manager Cody Barbierri after comments he made that Del Rio did not care for none too much.  Well, he’s already planned his next gig and is headed back to AAA where he worked before jumping to the WWE.  Here he makes the official announcement in his first comments since his firing

In case you don’t speak Spanish, here is what he said:

Hello fans of wrestling and especially AAA. The boss is back and what better place than AAA to become his new home. Thank you for the support and as you know, where the boss is there’s quality and where AAA is there’s quality. There is no better place to be. See you soon and God bless.

Yes, the boss is back!  Del Rio or whatever name he will be going by is expected to be at TripleMania this Sunday which also happens to go up against SummerSlam.  There’s no word as of yet whether or not he will be wrestling or making an appearance but it’s pretty interesting considering that most talent wait the 90 day period before appearing on another wrestling TV show or a pay-per-view after being let go by the WWE.  Instead, he is seemingly saying no to that money and going right back to work.

As to his name, maybe he’ll go back to using Dos Caras, Jr. Maybe he will go by Alberto Rodriguez.  Who knows at this point.  It’s just too bad that Ricardo Rodriguez won’t be there to introduce him and is waiting out his 90 days.

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