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NXT Results 08/14/14: Tyler Breeze Gets His Shot?


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Welcome to another edition of NXT in which we are expecting to see some tag-team action, Bayley and Sasha Banks and Tyler Breeze may make tonight the night he challenges for the NXT title. It sounds like a great show. Some big news outside of the Ring as Kevin Steen the former ROH Champion has been signed to NXT.  Add him to a list that includes Prince Devitt and Kenta there has been no indication on when any of these three will debut on NXT.

The show opens with a package on Tyler Breeze. It highlights how he became the number one contender and his growing feud with Adrian Neville. It is going to be the Main Event for NXT Championship tonight. In the ring, we have the oddball tag-team of Bull Dempsey and Mojo Rawley against the The Vaudevillains who make their own kind of odd pairing. Winner moves on in the number one contender tag-team tournament. After a competitive contest it is a Senton that gets English and Gotch the win and they move on. The bigger story was Rawley who took the pin got beat down Bull Demsey to which the NXT audience responded with chants of thank you Bull.

Winners by Pinfall: The Vaudevillains

In the back, we see Sasha Banks confront Bayley, as these two will battle to be number one contender for the NXT Women’s title. We continue to see a little more mature Bayley that points out it is not her fault that Sasha was left in the dust by Charlotte and Summer Rae. She is standing up for herself and much less silly stuff from Bayley in recent weeks. That match is coming up next on the show.

It’s a back and forth affair but Banks is getting the better of it going for a couple pin attempts but coming up short. During the break the announcers mentioned Banks landed a big knee to continue on the advantage. Banks hits a suplex for yet another two count. She keeps on the offensive and takes Bayley’s arms and pulls back in effect doing a camel clutch like move but modifying it crossing her arms and pulling back. In short, it looks like it would really hurt. Banks hit a back stabber and went right into a crossface, which Bayley was able to counter into a pinfall and gets the win. Bayley is now the number one contender for Charlotte Flair’s NXT Women’s Championship.

Bayley wins via Pinfall ( Number one contender for NXT Women’s Title )

Up next more action in the number one contender tournament for the NXT tag team championships.Sin Cara and Kalisto faced Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy and made quick work of them. It was a real showcase match for the two masked men as they advance in the tournament.

Winners Sin Cara and Kalisto by pinfall

Up next is the main even for the NXT Title with Tyler Breeze challenging Adrian Neville for his title. Neville getting best of early going with a series of kicks and gains the early advantage and it frustrates and angers Breeze. While the match is going on Tyson Kidd has made his way to the commentary position but is not talking. He is watching the action in the ring between Neville and Breeze. Tyler Breeze after the kicks by Neville has taken over. He went for a number of pin attempts without success. Kidd remains at commentary watching on.  Breeze took Neville into the steel steps and got him back in the ring for yet another unsuccessful pin attempt.Neville turns thins around with a drop kick followed by a 360 splash but he only is able to get a two count. Neville continues on the attack and nails Breeze with a superkick but is only able to get a two-count. Neville charges Breeze in the corner and Tyler gets his feet up and than lands a monstrous tornado DDT and that only gets a two count.Neville lands a german-suplex but that only gets a two. Breeze got his shoulder up to stay alive. This match has been tremendous and if you are planning on skipping it and not watching it I recommend you do not.

Finally, Kidd gets involved and Neville nails him.  He than turns his attention back to Breeze and rolls him back in the ring and goes to the top rope. Kidd push him off and match ends in a DQ it would appear. Kidd goes on to attack Neville and than Breeze when Sami Zayn comes from the back. He cuts off Kidd from going after Neville more and the show ends in utter chaos.

Winner by Disqualification Tyler Breeze, but still NXT Champion Adrian Neville

So that was the show and it was overall a great example of why people love the NXT product. Great show that has set up a number of matches down the line and feuds to be settled. Mojo Rawley and Bull Demsey seem set to collide. While Bayley is going to get a shot at the Women’s Champion Charlotte. The NXT Championship situation is in utter chaos thanks to Tyson Kidd.

Show Rating: Worth My $9.99

Thanks for joining us and unlike Impact Wrestling will still be here next week. Another episode of NXT is in the books.


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