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NXT Results 08/21/14: Triple H Announces “NXT Takeover 2”


Full Sail University, Florida

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Triple H is expected to be in attendance tonight at Full Sail to make some major announcements regarding NXT. In addition, the NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair is expected to be in action facing newcomer Becky Lynch.  Before we get to that, we start the show with the #1 contender tag-team tournament semi-finals with Colin Cassady and Enzo Amore taking on the Vaudevillians of English and Gotch.

Match starts with Cassady and English in action and Big Cass getting the early advantage. Gotch gets a blind tag into match and takes a bodyslam for his troubles. Amore is begging for a tag and gets it.  In the end it would get a huge mistake as he would later blind tag himself back in the match for a second time and would get nailed with “That’s a Wrap” a top rope move that gets the job done foe English with the pin.

Winners by Pinfall advancing to the finals The Vaudevillians

After the match Enzo is attacked by the Legionnaires shaved some of his beard and they would get away before Cassady could help out.

The announcers make mention of Triple H having a major announcement and it being next after a break.

Triple H claims that NXT is the brand of the WWE Network. He declares it is time for NXT to takeover again and says a special event will take place on September 11th in a two-hour special in which all three titles will be defended. Triple H also declares a new NXT G.M and he will be on hand next week.

Tyler Breeze is backstage with Devin Taylor and he is not happy with Tyson Kidd that cost him his shot at the NXT title and he wants a piece of Tyson Kidd. Meanwhile Kidd is making his way to the ring. These two are going to get it on now.

Breeze is no mood to mess around hits Kidd with a series of kicks and stomps and gets Kidd down in the corner. The ref gets in and forces Breeze to back of with Kidd in the ropes. Kidd would get a suplex and almost applied the sharpshooter. Breeze escapes to the floor, yells at Kidd he is not going take this, and he does not have time for this and basically walks out on the match. Kidd gets the refs 10 count and celebrates as if it was some major feat on his behalf.

Tyson Kidd Wins via Count-out

Up next we have Sami Zayn and Adam Rose taking on Kalisto and Sin Cara for the other spot in the #1 contender tag-team tournament. Breeze is interviewed out of the break by someone off camera about why he walked away from his match. He claimed he is more concerned with who is going to compete for the title next.

Change in plans as we get Charlotte taking on Becky Lynch in a non-title match. Becky Lynch and Charlotte battling back and forth for control with a lot of nice chain wrestling to get this one started. Charlotte is able to get Lynch in the corner and take advantage and take Lynch down and Flair locks on the figure-four headlock. Lynch escapes and lands a couple leg drops, after a couple close lines that got her to the mat. She goes for a pin but only comes up with two. Flair is able to turn it around and lands the “Bow to the Queen” and the 1-2-3.

Charlotte Flair Wins via Pinfall

Out of break a return of Enzo and Cassady, as Enzo is upset and cutting a promo on Sylvester LeFort about giving him an unwanted beard trim. He challenges him to a “hair match” at the upcoming “Takeover 2” announced by Triple H earlier in the night. No answer as of yet instead we go back to last week and beating Bull Dempsey put on Mojo Rawley who is in action next.

Steve Cutler is the opposition and here is another one for independent fans Drake Younger going by his real name in WWE is the ref for this one. This is nothing but a complete squash match as Rawley finished this is under 3 minutes with the “Hype Drive” or for older fans the old earthquake move. Mojo claims he has lost his smile as the crowd chant “Bull-Bull-Bull” but Rawley ignores it and cuts a pretty simple but effective promo. If he wants to find his smile I suggest calling HBK.

Mojo Rawley Wins via Pinfall

Now finally we get Zyan and Rose matched up with Kalisto and Sin Cara. For no reason at all Renee Young cuts a heel promo on the Bunny? What did he do to Renee? Will probably never know the answer but we will have are finals for the Tag-Team #1 Contenders tournament. Kalisto and Rose went at it than we switched partners with Zayn and Sin Cara having a go at it. Ole Chants for Zayn as soon as he hits the ring.  Fans seem to be cheering on both teams in this one with “Lucha” chants for the challengers to Zayn.

rose has not been much help for Zayn as the team of Kalisto and Sin Cara are doubling up on Sami and taking advantage. Zayn finally turns things around with a back-breaker and is able to get a two count. Zayn gets a tag to Rose finally and he goes on the attack lands a spine buster for only a two count. things break down and Sin Cara dives out and takes out Zayn it would lead to a top rope dive and the win. Zayn came back but to late to break up the three count.

Winners via Pinfall Sin Cara and Kalisto

That wraps things up for this episode of NXT. A decent show but it all was kind of overshadowed by the announcement that in 3 weeks we are getting another NXT special event. Also a mystery to be solved next week as the new NXT G.M is expected to be on hand.

Show Rating: 6 Mojo Lost Smiles out of 10

Nothing on this show that blew me away and I would say you need to go out of your way to see. A passable episode of NXT but there have been many better than this one. It seemed to be a little disorganized with even the announcers promoting matches in what felt like wrong spots. Disorganized and a bit sloppy overall is what I would say about this episode.

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