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Sting Closer to Landing in WWE with Help from 2K15

It’s been close for a while now.

Sure, we’ve heard that before when it comes to Sting (Steve Borden) finally landing in the WWE.  The bulk of his 30-year career took place in the now defunct WCW but according to the Stinger, he still hopes to cap off his career with Vince McMahon in Co.

$15 off $100+ with code WWEAFF15_125x125Fans are hoping to happens and the buzz of the Stinger finally appearing in a WWE ring is stronger than ever after he struck a deal with video game developer 2K to appear in the upcoming “WWE 2K15 game” which will be released in the United Stated on October 28 and international on October 31.  Gamers will be to use Sting as his “Crow” character or with his blonde-haired surfer Sting look from his earlier days in wrestling.

Back in July, Sting appeared on WWE Raw in a vignette to promote his involvement in the upcoming game where his character is featured as the pre-order bonus.  The response was overwhelmingly positive.  Then later that month at Comic-Con in San Diego, Mattel announced it’s upcoming line of WWE action figures which would including Sting for the first time.  Sting even made a surprise appearance with his trademark black and white face paint to a rousing ovation, his first one ever under the WWE umbrella.

You can read the rest of this story at The Orlando Sentinel by clicking here.

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