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TNA Impact Results: All About The Gold

TNA Impact Wrestling
September 3rd, 2014
Manhattan Center
New York, New York

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Show is announced to kick off with a Knockouts Championship Match between champion Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell challenging for the belt. These two ladies hooked up in the past for one of arguably the best female matches in TNA history in the “Last Knockout Standing” match. Night will also feature a couple of number one contender matches for the X-division and TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Two former Team Canada members do battle for the right to face TNA World Champion Bobby Lashley. All on a Wednesday night which some people still haven’t got the memo on that.

Show opens with recap of last week and shows Rude and Young entering the arena earlier in the day. The match we said would kick off the show is not as MVP, Kenny King and TNA Champion Bobby Lashley are coming out to the ring. MVP proclaims that Bobby Lashley will be not only the TNA World Champion but the Bellator Champion as well. I think MMA experts would find that statement interesting to say the least. Samoa Joe who cuts a promo on MVP calling him a hype man for Bobby Lashley cuts off MVP. He does admit that Lashley has done damage but takes issue with MVP calling him the toughest man on the planet. He isn’t the toughest man in this ring and challenges Lashley to a match not for wither of their championships. It leads to a brawl and a three on one attack on Samoa Joe. Security breaks it up and as the threesome leaves MVP states Joe has his match with Lashley.

A promo for the Knockouts Title match, which they state, is a year in the making referencing back to their match we referenced earlier. We get the intros and the match is up next after a break.

Gail Kim (Champion) vs. Taryn Terrell
Knockouts Championship

The two lock up and no one gets the advantage but Kim gets a roll up that does not work. A lot of quick action with Terrell gets a couple pin fall attempts of her own but is unsuccessfully. Terrell goes to top rope early and hits a close line. She tries her luck again from top and Kim cuts her off with tossed her from the top. The action goes outside the ring and the ladies both take a nasty fall on steps as Kim landed a neck breaker. Both ladies beat the count and get back in the ring. Terrell gets the advantage again and is getting increasing frustrated with another two count. She goes to the top and goes for a cross-body and Kim reverses it into a pin for the three count. The two ladies embrace and Kim holds up Terrell’s arm. Havok hit’s the ring who it turns out is a massive female and she lays waste to both Kim and Terrell. This woman looks like a nicer version of Chyna with face paint.

Winner is Gail Kim (Retaining her Knockouts Championship)

MVP gets in the ear of Eric Young back stage reminding him of the history between him and Bobby Roode. Ethan Carter III is promoted as to coming to the ring after the break.

Out of the break a taped segment Bro-mans are arguing coming out of the break talking about meeting some women and they are all fight about who is going to get this woman. Ethan and Spud come out and Carter III is sick of everyone he claims. He says the audience should be ashamed of themselves for being happy about what happened to his Aunt Dixie. He claims he will start getting revenge starting with Rhino. He has a list of demands that includes the firing of Bully Ray and respect. He claims he can wrestle and has proven it so he no longer wants to hear fans chanting he can’t wrestle. This of course causes them to chant it. Rhino attacks from behind but the two attack and Rhino demands a match with EC3. Carter say he is on he has a match with Spud.

Sam Shaw and Gunner vs Magnus and Bram

Tag-team action out of the commercial break. Shaw starts off in the ring with Magnus the former TNA Champion. Shaw and Gunner work a double team on Magnus after Shaw and Magnus got off to fairly even start. Bram is tagged in and Gunner gets the better of him when Shaw tags himself in with a blind tag that Gunner is not thrilled with his partner. Shaw predictably does not do that well but is able to get a tag to Gunner off a double closeline. Bram is able to get a quick roll-up and Shaw is late to come in for the break-up as he was having some kind of breakdown on the apron.

Winners: Bram and Magnus

We cut to MVP backstage stirring things up with Bobby Roode now in much the same fashion as he did with Eric Young earlier. Suggests Young may have an axe to grind based on their past and might cheat to win. Roode says the two have respect for each other something MVP would no nothing about it. That match is said to be coming up next.

Lied to yet again as we come back with another pointless Bro Mans segment and they are met by the Beautiful People who basically suggest if the Bro Mans keep them happy an orgy could take place? What a waste of time that was.

Bobby Roode vs Eric Young (Winner is the number one contender for TNA World Championship)

They recap the reason for the match in which a cage match last week ended up in a draw to lead us to the match tonight. Kind of an old school start to this one with Eric Young working a headlock. They are playing up the history between the two and how they know each other moves and how each other think in the ring. Roode gains the advantage and he goes to working an armbar. Young gets out of that and picks up the pace. Roode regains the advantage going back to the arm he worked earlier dropping it over the rope and nailing a solid closeline. He gets a two count off a suplex and than starts pandering to the crowd for some approval. They give a little but this crowd seems pretty dead for what is suppose to be an important match. Roode is able to lock on a crossface to which Young counters into a pin and than Roode counters the counter for his own pin attempt. Young attempts for piledriver but is back-dropped for his troubles. In the end, a powerbomb by Bobby Roode is finally able to secure a pinfall. Decent match but the crowd was flat for it all including the finish. Roode extends his hand, Eric Young shakes his hand, and they embrace.

Winner and Number One Contender for TNA World Championship: Bobby Roode

Strangely they recap the match that just happened and cut to a backstage segment where Roode claims he is excited that he is now the number one contender after sitting home for seven weeks. He than goes to leave and ends up in a stare down with Lashley. From there we get a promo cut by Dudley’s who have chosen a tables match for their three way battle with the Hardy’s and Wolves.

6-Way Number One Contender Match for X-Division Title

Loki, Manik, Tigre Uno, Crazy Steve , Homicide and D.J.Z some how makes it back to the arena for this one. The magic of television and taping at work in this case it would seem. Lots of crazy action in this one as you would expect with 6 men in a match like this. One for every side of the ring. It didn’t last very long as Homicide get the move he call the Gringo Killer on Manik. He also got his lip busted open the hard way in this one. James Storm comes out with The Great Sanada who attacks Manik and they drag him to back. It was suggested this was Storm sending some kind of message to the Great Muta.

Winner and Number One Contender for X-Division Title: Homicide

Austin Aries is in the Ring after some TNA promos for upcoming events. Crowd actually wakes up to chant for Aries. He challenges Storm and The Great Sanada to a handicap match. It should be noted that Aries is not in ring gear. Storm cutting a promo like his some kind of guru to greatness. He goes on to claim that he will turn Sanada into the greatest wrestler from Japan. Aries claims the word greatness is a word associated with him. He claims that he did not come alone and Tajiri who most people will remember from his days in WWE. He went after Sanada who decided to make an exit. Tajiri is clean shaven and obviously older but it is the real deal. So add him to the long list of former WWE talent to wrestle in TNA Wrestling.

We go to back stage where Spud questions the logic in Carter III booking him in a match against Rhino. Carter III says he can use the door and go out the exit and be fired or he can go to the ring and face Rhino the choice was his to make.

TNA had a highlight package on Chris Melendez who is a one-legged wrestler that served in the Gulf War and was trained for free by Bubba Ray and Devon Dudley they hype up that he is going to debut next week. You might remember this story as TNA was able to get some media attention from this story at the time of that these shows were taped in New York City.

Rock Star Spud vs Rhino.

Spud was able to land two chops and avoid a gore. He would go for a trash can and would end up being gored for his trouble. EC3 was out watching this all go down and just left Spud in the ring with Rhino and walked away.

Winner by Pinfall Rhino

Main Event (Non-Title) Samoa Joe vs Bobby Lashley

This match gets going on the floor and is a slug fest early on which Joe turns to wrestling catching a charging Lashley smashing him to the floor. Lashley gets in the ring after Joe and is dominated for the early going until he reverses an Irish whip into the corner. Lashley looks to try and apply a rear choke hold on Joe showing off some of his MMA game in this match in the context of a pro wrestling match. Crowd was invested in this one as Joe lands a super kick and gets a Samoan drop to turn things around. Lashley catches Joe on the top rope with a massive powerslam. Joe is able to get his own version of rear naked choke hold. Kenny King comes out and gets Joe’s attention. it would lead to Lashley eventually getting the win and that was it for this one.

Winner by Pinfall Bobby Lashley

I am not a regular TNA watcher personally to just be honest about things. Given this I didn’t love of hate this show it seemed fairly decent but really you could notice how burned out the live crowd seemed to be. I had heard such great things from other about these shows but this one didn’t seem to be one that should have blown anyone away.

Show Rating: 6 Dixie Carter Promises Of Big News Out of 10

So that is all for Impact Wrestling on a Wednesday….Did you forget? Maybe TNA needs a Wednesday Shirt to counter the WWE $9.99 shirt on Shop TNA. It wasn’t as horrible as this week’s edition of Raw I will say that much for this show. High praise coming from a non-TNA watcher I know.

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