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The Miz Somehow Has the Best Gimmick in the WWE

For whatever reason, there seems to be a trend in the WWE these days that the best gimmicks come from performers who clearly aren’t on the radar of the creative team.

There are outliers, obviously, like The Shield but the Daniel Bryan’s, the Dolph Ziggler’s and the Cesaro’s came from a bit off the radar, doing their own thing with a gimmick that doesn’t seem to get much attention from anyone in the back until it’s taken off and become a hit with the fans.

That holds true now as the best gimmick in the WWE currently belongs to The Miz.

Wait, what?

Somehow, some way, the Miz has emerged from creative purgatory to become the most entertaining character on the entire freakin’ show. I’m still not sure at this point whether that’s truly a compliment to The Miz or more telling of where WWE creative is at right now, but you get the idea.

The precipitous fall of The Miz was actually pretty interesting in a very sad way. He went from rising star and WWE Champion to fodder as a setup for the Rock/Cena feud and becoming a glorified jobber to just about anyone and everyone. He became this awful face, still trying to retain the snarkiness that made him a favorite as a heel except he just became this unbearable guy who couldn’t perform a figure-four to save his life.

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Out of the ashes of his career, he’s risen like a phoenix. Since filming “The Marine 4” (yes, really), he’s come back as “Hollywood Miz”, proclaiming to be this huge, cross-promotional star. He dropped “I’m the marine, damnit!” on us. He wears sunglasses and what appears to be a giant snuggie to the ring and refuses to get hit in the face because it’s his money-maker. As if that weren’t enough, he’s now employed Damien Sandow to be his stunt double, switching places with the latter as he strips out of his snuggie into his very own Miz gear while the actual Miz sits in his chair with a makeup woman constantly working on him. And not only is Sandow stunt-doubling for him in matches, but he’s graduated to stunt-hosting Miz TV which is secretly the smartest decision Miz has ever made considering 95% of those segments end in Miz getting throttled.

I mean, is this even real? How can something this good exist? And how long until the WWE ruins it like they manage to do to just about anything good that’s ever happened? Ideally, they’ll continue to not care about the Miz or anything he does, letting him go about his business and continue this crazy, awesome gimmick without bothering him.

I don’t know what the natural progression for his gimmick is, but he’s got a lot more mileage left out of “Damien Sandow: Stunt Double” before I’ll get tired of this.

It will take me a while to get used to saying that I’m entertained by the Miz again without it sounding like I’m just being contrarian. By then, I’m sure they’ll have found a way to ruin him.

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