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WWE NXT Results: Take Over Is Set

September 4, 2014
Full Sail Arena
Orlando, Florida

First Match: Charlotte vs. Alexa Bliss

Charlotte misses a clothesline, Bliss with a head takeover. Charlotte lands a gut buster off a reversal. Bliss mounts a comeback when she nailed a dropkick for two. She shoots off the ropes and Charlotte kicks her in the gut. Charlotte goes for a powerbomb, but Bliss reversed and rolls her up for two. Charlotte hits the Bow Down to the Queen for the win.

After the match, Bayley comes out to the ring. She says that Charlotte might not take her seriously, but she beat Sasha Banks twice and Charlotte better take her seriously. Because she is seriously going to take her title. Bayley wants to shake hands, but Charlotte shoves her into the ropes. Bayley hit the Belly to Bayley / Hug-Plex to end the segment.

Winner: Charlotte

Tyler Breeze cuts a sit down interview style promo about what makes him stand out from the other three superstars in the fatal four way NXT title match.

Kenta debuts next week and will be wrestling under that name.

Sin Cara and Kalisto say they have a great opportunity tonight and have the heart to beat the Ascension.

Second Match: Tyler Breeze vs. Ty Dillinger

Breeze  misses a spear and Tye hit a shoulder block. Tye with a chop to the chest of Breeze, he hit a leg drop for two. Breeze  with an up kick, followed by right hands and a series of kicks in the corner. Breeze  locked in a chin lock, but Tye fights out by sending Breeze  back first into the corner. Tye with a chop, he reverses an Irish whip and shoots off the ropes, but walks right into the beauty shot out of nowhere to give Breeze  the win.

Winner: Tyler Breeze

Tyson Kidd says he’ll win the title because he’s been around the world and is cocky and arrogant, but he’s earned the right to be.

Enzo and Big Cass at a beauty salon and goes in to see a friend of his to get some hair removal cream (I hope it’s Freebird brand) for the hair vs. hair match against Sylvester LeFort next week. A very effeminate man comes in and freaks them out so they get in an argument over who should test the cream. They spill it on a dog and the stylist freaks out as they look in shock and say the cream really works.

Third Match: Tyson Kidd vs. Adam Rose

Rose with a side headlock, Kidd kicks him in the gut and puts the boots to him in the corner. Rose reverses and lands some strikes of his own. Rose with back kicks, he hit a elbow drop for 1. Rose with a back elbow for a count of one. Kidd rolls to the apron, he kicks Rose in the head. Kidd nailed a big boot to the face of Rose. Kidd with a neck breaker for two. Kidd locks in a headlock, but Rose hit a jawbreaker to fight out. Rose with more back elbows to the face of Kidd. Rose hit a major league forearm shot followed by the best spine buster in the game. Rose runs into a drop kick by Kidd. Kidd locks in the sharpshooter for the win.

Winner: Tyson Kidd

Sami Zayn says he wants to beat Neville because Adrian is the champion.

The Vaudevillains, in black and white of course, promise that they’ll win the tournament. Aiden insists that Gotch can move mountains and Simon adds a hearty EXCELSIOR!

Fourth Match: Sami Zayn vs. Marcus Louis

Louis  locks in a shoulder submission followed by a power slam. Louis  puts the boots to Zayn in the corner. Louis  with a back breaker on Zayn. Louis  locks in a headlock, but Zayn fights out. He nailed facebuster into a Koji Clutch for the win.

Enzo and Big Cass run out and try to use the cream on LeFort’s hair but Sylvester escapes

Winner: Sami Zayn

Adrian Neville knows he doesn’t have to be pinned or submit to lose the title and he loves the challenge.

Fifth Match: Adrian Neville vs. CJ Parker

Neville  with a side headlock, CJ get’s up and hits a heel kick for a count of two. The crowd is a bit dead. CJ with big left hands. CJ runs into a big boot by Neville, but when Neville  runs out of the corner, CJ reverses and hits a backbreaker for a near fall. CJ goes to the top rope, he misses a big time head butt. Neville  finds his opening and lands a few kicks. Neville  with a drop kick. Neville  with a running splash in the corner followed by a big time uppercut. Neville  hits a dropkick off the top rope, then finishes it off with the Red Arrow for the win.

Winner: Adrian Neville

Sixth Match: NXT Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders Final Round Match
The Vaudevillans vs. Sin Cara & Kalisto

Kalisto and English start things off, Kalisto fights out a headlock and rolls up English for two. BAck and forth between the two. Kalisto off the top rope with an arm drag. He tags in Cara, and they hit a double team kick to the face of English. Kalisto with a springboard moonsault on English. Cara is the legal man, Gotch tagged in and runs into an arm drag. Cara with a drop kick, but when he goes for a springboard move, Gotch drop kicks him out of the ring. English tagged in and hits a neck breaker. Cara fights out of a headlock and hits a crossbody offt he top tope.

Kalisto and Gotch get the hot tags, Kalisto with a springboard crossbody followed by a head take over. Kalisto with a drop kick for a near fall. English breaks things up, Cara clotheslines him out of the ring followed by an outside dive. Kalisto with a series of kicks, he hits a springboard move, but Gotch catches him. Kalisto slips out and hits the Salida del Sol. He tags in Cara and then hits a front senton through the ropes taking out English. Cara off the top and hits a senton on Gotch for the win.

After the match, The Ascension come out and the two teams stare off  to end the show.

Winner: Sin Cara & Kalisto

Josh’s Grade for WWE NXT: 10/10

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